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  • Takes place after the movies end or maybe it was between them. It's about Doc, Marty, Jules, Vern and Clara and their random adventures.

    Another show that i watched when i was a little kid and that probably wasn't very good and you know what, it was probably stupid and not a very good show that nobody watched, which was probably why it didnt last for a very long amount of time. I loved this show when I was a kid, even though it was pretty dumb. I loved everything involved with Back to the Future, sci-fi, and Jules Vern. I loved this show because I love the subject, looking back on it now I realize that it was probably stupid and sucked. The only thing i really remember about this show is the theme song and hellloooooooo nurse! It was funny, though. Also, please excues my bad spelling and grammer and typos, it's late and i'm not trying too hard.
  • A good memory of my childhood.

    Probably this show didn´t make justice to the trilogy, but I enjoyed a lot watching, simple it was a guilty pleasure. The thing I didn´t liked it was the lack of continuity but with all the gags and visual jokes I think it was ok for a child, it gives me melancholie remembering this, because I watched this after school only I wish more cartoon of today where like the 90´s cartoons, a simple plot line, no vulgarity... practically something that all the family could watch. But I guess it´s something I can remember with all my heart of the good television of my childhood.
  • mildly entertaining

    This show is a cartoon version of the wildly popular Back to the Future trilogy. It takes place after the events of the third movie, in which Doc, his kids Verne and Jules, and his wife live in their own times. Marty also is in the show of course but he's not as predominant as the movies. The show had a very cartoony feel, from the episodes I saw. Is it as good as the movies? No. Are they mostly enjoyable? Yes. Watch if you liked the movie series, you might find yourself liking this show too. Maybe not as much, but hey. I like the movies a lot more but this is still decent. B or so as a grade seems fair
  • Could grow on me

    1st ep (10)
  • She returns home and she is bringing her mum with her. Everyone is pleased to see they gives her a big hug.

    She returns home and she is bringing her mum with her. Everyone is pleased to see they gives her a big hug. She asks himif she can ever forgive her for lying and he tells her the only way she can is if she tells the truth about the baby. But She tells her she can not do that because then he will never forgive her for lying to him.
  • If you like the movie, watch this!

    This show is as god as the movie of the same name. It only doesn't have all the sexual homor and cursing like the movie because the show is on cable television. Think of this show as the "clean" version of the movie. I highly recommend to fans of the movie, and funny cartoons in general.
  • Great Show

    This show wasn't that bad. I have fond memories watching it as a kid.
  • Marty McFly and Doc Are Back this time In a Cartoon.. Back to the Future The TV show Takes place were the 3 part Movie Ends...

    It was mostly about Marty McFly ,Dr. Emmett Lathrop Brown "Doc" and His young sons Jules and Verne Brown traving through time and Messing it up. Most of the time Doc and His wife clara Save The boys. Theres always a member of the Tannen family to be the "Evil Guy" In the show and in time , it's Odd that Marty Never had a Evil Tannen His age ( Jules and Verne have one Named Biff Jr) Also Great about this show Theres live-action segments with Christopher Lloyd As Doc and Bill Nye AKA "the science guy" doing and teaching Kid how to make Scence Items. This Is realy good show and They should a lest if not bring it back Have it on TV!!
  • A great show from the back to the future movies

    I always loved the Back to the future Movies, and I almost forgot there was a cartoon, The show picked up where the 3rd back to the future left off, only the show had the delorean. It has Marty, Doc, Clair and their kids, the show was pretty funny a great way to cotinue the trilogy.
  • wow there is show for the movie

    bring it back i never seen the show where i can i see it. man i miss like so much good shows because i did not know there were that much of good shows on tv. i love the movies and now i want to see the show now. there are so much cartoon blocks one is abc and two is nbc and cbs and then wbkids and foxkids and toondisney shows and nicktoons and pbs kids and there are hard to watch them because most of them come on the same time or something. bring it back on tv. i thinking the cable networks and all the networks need to start refresh i mean like make the line up good like this basic channel at 8pm to 11pm are new shows and other digtal channel 8pm should be movies airing so people dont miss out there favorite shows. when there shows comes on the basic channel movies play on other channel like disney channel at 8pm movie and nick at movie. and u know what i mean bring are old favorite cartoons or they do it make some new channels if they dont room on there channel now
  • wow!i saw this in 2003 and loved it, but forgot about it until now. then i saw the three movies again (the BEST trilogy ever EVER!!!!) and i remembered of this series so i looked it up!

    wow!i saw this in 2003 and loved it, but forgot about it until now. then i saw the three movies again (the BEST trilogy ever EVER!!!!) and i remembered of this series so i looked it up! i am astounded that noone is in the forum this show is a series-sequal (a cartoon series that appears after a movie, like fosters home for imaginary friends) and they kept it fresh! for instance, they went to 2091 and met tiff, a reference because its the grandson of griff who is the grandson of biff! so of all things i think this show should be brought back, at least re-runs like the tick.
  • Back to the Future

    This series has great Film Sound Mixing and Film Sound Editing in season 1-2.
  • I loved this series.

    I really liked this series. I think that it was a great spin-off for the movies, but there should still be more movies of back to the future. I liked watching Doc's experiments right before every commercial break. I think that if this show was transalated into spanish and sent to South America is because it was a great hit here in the U.S. This show is mainly about the characters from the movie traveling through time. There is Marty, Doc, Einstein, Clara, Jules, Verne, Biff, and Jennifer. Both the Delorean and the Time Train appear in this series. The flying skateboard from Back to the Future 2/3 also appears in the series.