Back to the Future

CBS (ended 1992)





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  • wow there is show for the movie

    bring it back i never seen the show where i can i see it. man i miss like so much good shows because i did not know there were that much of good shows on tv. i love the movies and now i want to see the show now. there are so much cartoon blocks one is abc and two is nbc and cbs and then wbkids and foxkids and toondisney shows and nicktoons and pbs kids and there are hard to watch them because most of them come on the same time or something. bring it back on tv. i thinking the cable networks and all the networks need to start refresh i mean like make the line up good like this basic channel at 8pm to 11pm are new shows and other digtal channel 8pm should be movies airing so people dont miss out there favorite shows. when there shows comes on the basic channel movies play on other channel like disney channel at 8pm movie and nick at movie. and u know what i mean bring are old favorite cartoons or they do it make some new channels if they dont room on there channel now