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  • Season 1
    • Bea Arthur & Ed Begley Jr.
      Bea Arthur takes on teaching and tutoring college SAT prep classes just like her character on Golden Girls--only, it's for real and later Ed Begley Jr. makes his rounds as a doctor over at St Joseph's hospital and gets to face his biggest fear--taking blood.
    • Jimmie Walker & Harry Anderson
      Jimmie takes art classes in order to be a painter and then he displays a self-portrait at an art gallery where a special guest star comes to the gallery and buys his artwork, Later Harry Anderson's gonna have his hands filled and began wishing he was on the set of Night Court when he spends one day working at a New Orleans courthouse.moreless
    • Betty White and Mark Curry
      Things are really cookin' when Betty White hosts her first cooking show just like her Mary Tyler Moore Show Character, but there's a problem--she hates being in the kitchen. Meanwhile Mark Curry gets the chance coaching a High School Basketball Team as his character did in Hanging With Mr. Cooper.
    • Marla Gibbs & Sherman Hemsley
      They're movin' on up--again, Marla Gibbs and Sherman Hemsley try to do the same work their characters did in the show The Jeffersons. First up is Marla Gibbs, she'll be working for the Merry Maids cleaning service and her first job is being a housekeeping supervisor at ritzy hotel. As for Sherman Hemsley, He's got his hands full working at a dry cleaners, taking orders, ironing, pressing and of course delivering the clothes to the customers' home in the company van.moreless
    • Loni Anderson and Erik Estrada
      In the series debut Loni Anderson tries her hand at being a switchboard/receptionist like her character on WKRP in Cininatti for a radio show called Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinksy. Later on, before Erik Estrada can be like his CHiPS character he needs to take a test in order to get his motorcycle license, but it won't be easy.moreless