Back to You

Season 1 Episode 4

A Gentleman Always Leads

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on FOX

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  • Work place competition and the show is a downer.....

    'Dang it. I wanted this series to take off an be special. I wanted both lead actors to find a new character that I could love. I enjoyed the pilot and was looking forward to more growth from the characters and story. Instead, it makes me want to dig out my DVD collection of 'News Radio' and commiserate with my memories of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and 'WKRP in Cin...". Sigh. I did not enjoy tonight's show. I wanted to. Seeing Bill Macy walk in as the old guy intern....major excitment. I actually liked Montana tonight. I hated the whole voice thing with the interviewer. I don't enjoy comedy that makes fun of physical challenges. Should we???? I missed Gracie. I missed Gary. Dang. Gonna go pull out the 'News Radio' "Goofy Ball' episode. It's stupidity at it's most rank...but at least it's funny. Tonight's show was not.
  • Erm....

    This week, "Back to You" definitely stumbled in the humor department. While it wasn't exactly horrible, I think I laughed maybe two times, and for a comedy, that's not very good. Other parts were amusing enough, but overall I was just waiting for this episode to end. The whole thing with Chuck not wanting to be seen as being in Kelly's shadow seemed very cliche and predictable and dull. The only funny thing that came from this story was Chuck's interview with the man who fought off the bear.

    Montana and Marsh hire a new intern for Montana: Marsh's elderly neighbor who is extremely slow, takes frequent naps, etc. They try to fire up but lose their nerve. The only real laugh from that? The tag at the end where everyone in the office goes up to the roof to smoke his weed. I really hope this show finds itself. I can't help but wonder if FOX regrets giving this show a blind 13-episode commitment.
  • Too many expectations.

    Once again the episode concentrates on Kelsey and Pratricia's characters Chuck and Kelly as they again fight for head status and the lead story at WURG with huck eventually getting his own way but coming away from it very embarrassed.

    We had one side story involving Marsh and Montana but the show seems to be following the same path with each episode.

    There is a good range of characters in this show with Marsh and Ryan being my two favourites so give them more of the spotlight.

    Back to you is now into it's forth episode and is boarding on the average show mark and unless it improves will be tossed away to the dusty archives not even reaching DVD status.
  • Chuck meets up with some former work colleagues, over hears them speak badly about him so he is out to steal the top story from Kelly to prove he has it. Funny results! Marsh & Montana go through inturn dramas an old guy is hired to be Montanta's inturn

    Up and down episode. Chuck is funny. Not a lot of Ryan and no Gary (one of the funnier characters) Kelly is smart in the whole chase the lead story process. Marsh is funny in doing whatever he is doing whether its paper thin walls or the whole inturn drama. Montana was a different type, not as slutty and showed an interesting character. Something about this show was lacking maybe Gary and Gracie mising and not as much Ryan. I think Kelsey Grammar's great acting saved this particular episode. He was very funny. The whole left scene was hilarious and the guy with the funny voice being interviwed by Chuck was pure gold.
  • 104

    Four episodes in Back to You is still delivering top comedy. Of course we know that the show went on to get cancelled, but this was the perfect role for Kelsey Grammer after 20 years as Frasier Crane. There was still a little bit of Frasier in there, but the character was slightly different.

    Plus the scenes with Fred Willard and Ty Burrell were great as well. So, you had a good lead and good supporting characters. Most shows nowadays cannot make that claim. If only Back to You had gotten picked up by CBS or ABC, it could've really become a ratings winner.