Back to You

Season 1 Episode 5

A Night of Possibilities

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on FOX
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Kelly accuses Chuck of being selfish and rude when he turns down a dinner invitation from Ryan. Kelly, trying to rid herself of being uptight after Chuck mentions it, accompanies Montana for a night on the town. Gary has to deal with Marsh when they start carpooling to work.moreless

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  • 105

    Another great episode here tonight. Rewatching these episodes on Hulu just reminds me of what a great show this truly was and how superior it is to just about everything else on television these days. Tremendous ensemble cast, and just top of the line humor night after night. Another brilliant performance from Grammer here, and Josh Gad complemented him well here in the role of the annoying boss. I would've liked more with Gary and Marsh, their bad driving experience scenes were pretty generic and vapid, but the two veteran comic actors managed to make it work.

    One of the show's best.moreless
  • It was pretty good!

    Chuck and Kelly argue with each other. Kelly says that Chuck is rude and Chuck says that Kelly is rigid. They try to prove each other wrong. Chuck goes to dinner with Ryan and Kelly plans to party with Montana. Gary is afraid to carpool with Marsh because of his terrible driving.

    This was the first episode I saw of this show. It's pretty funny!

    This episode was pretty good! Since this is the only episode I saw, I can't really compare it to another one. The jokes were delivered quite well and the situations were pretty good! This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!moreless
  • As others have said this is a bigger improvement on previous episodes.

    I've said in previous reviews why this show has to be about just two characters when you have scope for three or more storylines that could run side by side and this episode had it.

    Naturally Chuck and Kelly start off at each others throats with Kelly calling Chuck rude and Chuck calling Kelly ridged, each decides to change and prove the other wrong with Chuck going out to dinner with Ryan, whilst at dinner Chuck spots a glamorous women sitting at the bar and try's to rush the dinner get together with Ryan just so he can spend the rest of the evening with the women, things don't turn out as planned and Chuck proves he's not as selfish and rude as Kelly predicted.

    Kelly on the other hand has been sharing the car ride into work with Montana due to the new carpooling incentive at work, she decides it's time to stop being uptight and decides on a night out on the town with Montana.

    The best part of the show however was Marsh and Gary's carpooling together, some real funny moments.

    It's a pity but Back To You is going to see Fox's axe sooner than later, both Kelsey and Patricia are veterans to sit comedy but this show hasn't done there credibility any favours.moreless
  • So much better...

    After some disappointments over the previous few episodes, I convinced myself yet again to watch another installment of "Back to You", hoping that this show would finally turn for the better.

    As it turned out, I actually enjoyed this episode (in fact, the only one that I enjoyed). Although I think that this is by far the best episode, the score/rating seemed to indicate otherwise. I believe in giving credits where credit's due. So, give this episode a try, and see if you share my sentiments.

    Anyway, the characters that I liked, in order of preference are:

    1. Gary

    2. Gracie

    3. Kelly

    4. Montana

    5. Chuck

    6. Marsh

    7. Ryanmoreless
  • A vast improvement over last week's episode.

    "Back to You" might be a flawed sitcom, but something about it keeps me watching week after week. Five weeks, now. And fortunately for me, after a horrible episode last week, I found this episode to be a lot funnier and well done and I'm actually excited about the news today that the series has been picked up for a full season.

    It's Chuck's one month anniversary since he returned to Pittsburgh. Ryan invites him to dinner to celebrate but Chuck initially turns him down, saying yes later only because of an argument he gets into with Kelly. They have dinner as Chuck continues to find ways to get Ryan to leave so he can spend the night with a hot woman there waiting for him.

    Kelly, meanwhile, tries to show that she is not "frigid" and can have a good time to prove Chuck wrong.

    This episode probably had more laughs than any other episode thus far, yet it's still a long way away from being a truly great comedy.moreless

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