Back to You

Season 1 Episode 5

A Night of Possibilities

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on FOX

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  • A vast improvement over last week's episode.

    "Back to You" might be a flawed sitcom, but something about it keeps me watching week after week. Five weeks, now. And fortunately for me, after a horrible episode last week, I found this episode to be a lot funnier and well done and I'm actually excited about the news today that the series has been picked up for a full season.

    It's Chuck's one month anniversary since he returned to Pittsburgh. Ryan invites him to dinner to celebrate but Chuck initially turns him down, saying yes later only because of an argument he gets into with Kelly. They have dinner as Chuck continues to find ways to get Ryan to leave so he can spend the night with a hot woman there waiting for him.

    Kelly, meanwhile, tries to show that she is not "frigid" and can have a good time to prove Chuck wrong.

    This episode probably had more laughs than any other episode thus far, yet it's still a long way away from being a truly great comedy.