Back to You

Season 1 Episode 9

Business or Pleasure

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2008 on FOX

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    Ty Burrell shined in this episode. His work interviewing the animal guests (the people Trekkies beat up) and mocking them was great. And then getting ambushed in his truck? Awesome performance by Gary Crezyzewski. Back to You did not deliver its best episode of all time, but this was still a really funny installment of a show that was canceled way too soon. I remember watching the episode when it originally aired, and people came into the room who had never seen the program, and liked what they saw. Back to You had that mass appeal that few shows had which is why it was surprising the show did not produce in the ratings department.
  • 'ware the Furries!

    I first saw the Furry phenomenon on an episode of CSI so it was nice to see they're not all murderous and perverted. They do seem to be somewhat hostile even here but what can you expect of people who only feel they can be themselves when encased in a full-body costume. Dressing as a forest creature is a bit odd but they played it well here. Gary is generally underused but that often happens with a cast like this.

    Some of Marsh' sign-offs were funny, and I like Fred Willard but this character needs some tweaking. I enjoyed the storyline about a young anchor being attracted to Kelly which gets Chuck in an uproar, only for the wrong reasons. Overall, a good installment, not the best but funnier than most of what passes for network comedy nowadays. This show has the potential to become one of my favorites.
  • Never work with Animals.

    After the WURG team ( minus Gary ) go out to a restaurant for a team meal a young handsome anchor from another TV station takes a shine to Kelly which Chuck doe's not like, is it jealousy or a plan to remove Kelly from WURG, the rival anchor asks Kelly out on a date which she accepts but Chuck tries to change her mind.

    Gary has to cover an animal costume convention with funny results, after taking the mickey and making fun of the costumes, the people inside them and the convention as a whole he is cornered by the animals/people who hold him hostage until he says good things live on air about the convention.

    This episode had it's moments, I liked Marsh's sign-off lines and some of the Gary put downs at the convention but all in all the episode was not as good as the previous one.
  • Not good night Chet, good night David.

    This is a show that's growing on me. This episode, while not the best, did keep me laughing. There were three storylines to follow.

    (Not in any order) 1-Marsh is trying to come up with a new sign-off line. Fred Willard is one of the funnier characters on this show. 2-Gary (who I think is the funniest) has to cover an animal suit wearing convention. It's puns galore yet quite funny. 3-Chuck suspects a rival station anchor of trying to steal away Kelly, when in fact the rival just wants a date. A few funny moments with this, but this goes more to plot line. CHuck and Kelly like each other. That will play out for many an episode. Let's see, we had Kelsey Grammer as radio broadcaster, now a telelvision anchor, perhaps his next series he'll be a newspaper reporter. I'll be frank, it's not the funniest show, but Back To You has it's moments and the timing of the actors is very good.