Back to You

Season 1 Episode 2

Fish Story

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on FOX

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  • A short review of a "better than pilot" but "still not good" episode.

    Pros: The plots were fairly interesting, I enjoyed the gold fish one quite a bit. It's much funnier this time, as Fred Willard was decent at bringing the laughs with others, though not many. Better than the pilot.

    Cons: There aren't many laughs, and it got boring half of the time. The plots could have been stronger. Some dumb scenes, and it wasn't a good episode overall.

    This show is improving, but not up to my expectations. Hopefully it will do much better in the next episode, I could stop watching the show if this show doesn't get a 6 or even a 7 in season one. Keep trying, you can do it.
  • In a word: weak.

    I found this episode to be weak. It had its moments, but they were far and few between. Fred Willard with an orange down his pants made me laugh - one out of maybe 5 laughs I got out of this episode. My opinion has changed a lot since last week. I think the problem is the writing. They have a great cast to work with, but the jokes just aren't that funny. You can only dip into the sexual humour well so many times in an episode. The supporting cast was basically non-existent in this episode as Chuck tried to take care of this fish to prove to Kelly (and himself) that he is ready to be a responsible parent. Maybe this is the beginning of a 'Frasier' or 'Raymond' curse.
  • A bit better than the pilot with more funny moments, but the show still has a way to go.

    This episode of "Back to You" improves a bit on the pilot, but unfortunately not as much as one would hope. However, the fact that it got better and not worse is a good sign and I think I'm going to be sticking with the show for several more weeks at least, before making a decision.

    "Fish Story" picks up the day after the closing events of the pilot. Karen doesn't want Chuck to be a part of Gracie's life, at least not yet, because she thinks Chuck would be a horrible caretaker and eventually get tired of his daughter and move on. So, in typical sitcom fashion, when Chuck is given a fish as a gift and accidentally kills it he doesn't want Karen to find out so enlists Ryan to help him out. By the end of the episode, the trash can is full of dead fish and Chuck and Karen haven't really made any progress.

    There were quite a few funny moments in this episode, but mostly I was just amused and didn't actually laugh. The scene in which the reporter gets zapped was quite humorous though and probably the highlight of the episode. Either that, or the ringtone.

    Despite still being a fairly mediocre show there's something about "Back to You" that attracts me and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • No, no, no.

    I wouldn't say that this episode is a complete disaster, but it certainly pales when compared to some other sitcoms that are now airing, eg How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, etc.

    Despite the strong casts, the characters do not seemed to click. There is no chemistry, and there are even times where the acting seemed awkward. More importantly, neither Chuck, Kelly or Marsh exhibit the charisma of a professional news anchor. They looked and sounded rather amateurish.

    As for the plot, I find it weak and predictable. The banters fail to engage the audience, ie, it did not make me laugh. This is definitely a no show for me.
  • Becoming Predictable.

    Second episode and Back To You is starting to get very predictable with it's storylines, you could see that Chucks fish was going to die within minutes of it being in his procession and every fish after that just proving that he's not a responsible adult in Kelly's eyes.

    I really enjoyed the pilot episode and don't mind admitting but this show will need to get better or else it will lose viewers and lost viewers means lost money for the tv network it's being shown on meaning it's a wasted product hence being axed after 3 episodes, which will be a pity as Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are very funny together and have a chemistry, great supporting cast especially Fred Willard and Josh Gad.
  • Another wonderful example of the writers' gift for physical comedy

    As Niles was to Frasier, our in-the-field reporter, Gary Crezyzewski, shows a spectacular ability for physical comedy. The taser scene, followed up with the quick vignette at the end of the episode had me in hysterics. If this is the way the show is going - have at it lads! Meantime, the leads need help. Both fine actors, they don't have a whole lot to go on yet, leaving their characters all a bit ho-hum. How long can the writers carry on with the "he's the Dad, she's the Mom and they don't get along" line?
  • Chuck tries to convince Kelly that he is responsible to be father to her daughter, but can barely take care of a goldfish.

    This show still has few laugh out loud moments between Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. In fact, the only funny moments on this episode revolved around the many attempts to disguise the fact that he accidentally killed his goldfish. The supporting cast continues to be weak and stereotyped. The show has a long way to go to reach its potential. The actors are playing roles so similar to their previous famous roles that it looks like Frasier moved to Pittsburgh from Boston and Debra Barone never met Ray and pursued a career in broadcasting instead. A Steve Carell-type moment involving a stun gun was mildly amusing.
  • Still not edgy enough!

    the second episode of "Back to You" is more of the same as the first. The problem with the show is that it's not edgy enough to carry. It boring with second rate characters that doesn't work. the plot about fish and responisblity is terrible. Kersley Grammer and Patricia Heaton continued to argue liek third graders. I enjoy watching th outfilts that heaton wore. she is sexy. the plot aboput the fish is weak. We probaby see it before in better TV shows. She may be the only thing I'd like about the show. I thinkl there are two more episodes before the playoffs.
  • 102

    It is amazing that Back to You did not succeed. You have two great producerds in Steven Levitan and Christoper Lloyd behind the show. You have Kelsey Grammer, Fred Willard, Josh Gad, and Ty Burrell, who is awesome on Modern Family. A great msle cast, but for some reason FOX cannot get people to watch their live action comedies and the ratings for this just did not deliver.

    This was a great episode for the one liners and the pnysical comedy. A vast improvement over the pretty dismal pilot used to introduce this show. It's sad when this is better than just about every other comedy on TV today.
  • A bit better than the first episode.

    This episode definitely had more laughs, so it was a lot better than the pilot episode, which had practically none. Still, even the laughs could not cover that the characters felt one-dimensional and still unlikeable. The laughs however also had a twinge of mean-spiritedness to them. The fish dying joke started out funny but eventually went a bit too far, as did the whole taser storyline. But still, laughs are the most important aspect of a sitcom, and the fact that this episode had some was good to see. I do want this sitcom to succeed, but they really need to make viewers care about what happens to these characters, and right now, I don't think I could care any less.