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BTY Submission Guidelines

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    Grammar: I like people who write well. That said, I realize not everyone is as anal about grammar as I am, so I will cut anyone some slack and overlook a few typos or mistakes. If I find several mistakes/typos in a submission, generally I will reject it. Use italics for the title of full-length films, televison shows, albums, plays, books, journals, and magazines. Use quotation marks for the title of episodes of a television show, songs, short stories, film shorts, one-act plays, and articles. If you're unsure about formatting, do what's already been done. If you're not sure how to do the HTML, click on Edit for an existing entry and see how it's done. When making a submission for future episodes, you must provide a verifiable source in the Comments box.

    Rejections: I always give reasons for submission rejections, so if I tell you how to fix your submission then you are more than welcome to resubmit it. If I tell you that your submission is unacceptable under any circumstances, then please don't resubmit it as is, as I will reject it again for the same reason and I will not look too kindly on any of your future submissions. Do Not Plagarize! Quotes, obviously, are the exception to the rule as they need to be submitted verbatim, but everything else should be in your own words. requires that everything be rewritten; it's copyright, and it's common courtesy.

    Quotes should be memorable, significant, and/or humorous. They should stand on their own and make sense to someone who hasn't seen the show, and represent quality writing.The speaker should be bold and followed by a colon " : ". The colon should not be in bold. Placing a speaker's name in all caps instead of bold is not acceptable formatting. Quotation marks are not necessary. The only time you have to use them is when there is a quotation within a quotation, and use single quotes 'x' as opposed to double quotes "x".

    Chuck: Maybe we can just read to her from Single and Scared.
    Kelly: Stupid cashier must have put a wrong book in my bag.
    Chuck: Yeah? Did she highlight it for you, too?

    contextual explanations should be used as little as possible, be as short as possible, put in parentheses, and italicized.

    Chuck: (after swearing live on air) It was 'Bring Your Daughter to Work Day'...

    Notes: This section is reserved for off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production, such as background music, special credit info, relevant background on the actors, in-jokes, etc. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia.

    *The roles of Ryan Church and Montana Diaz Herrera were originally cast by Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia, respectively.

    Trivia: This section is reserved for any on-screen trivia and information that isn't inherently known from watching the show.

    *Beginning with this episode, Lily Jackson replaces Laura Marano in the role of Gracie Carr.

    Also, the trivia section is reserved for all goofs, and they should be labeled in bold and followed by a colon " : ".

    Goof: During the "I'm not going to rat anyone out at the station/Who's Ryan?" exchange, Chuck's overcoat goes from completely closed to partially open and back again a few times between camera shots.

    Please note: Debates are to be carried out in the forum ONLY, and will not be acceptable as submissions under either Notes or Trivia.

    : As per standards, this section is reserved for episode titles, quotes, or actions that are cultural references, such as to
    TV shows, movie, films, books. Always provide the single line of the quotation first that contains the Allusion (formatted like quotes), then a single return, the explanation. Internal continuity is pretty common in TV shows so unless it's obscure (Trivia), it's not an Allusion.

    Kelly: (Referring to Xander whom she threatened) Did you see his eyes when he left? They were dead eyes, like a doll's eyes.

    This is a line from the 1975 film Jaws spoken by the character Quint (played by Robert Shaw) in his description of tiger sharks.

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