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Possible New Show for Patricia Heaton:

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    Back in the 2006-2007 development cycle, ABC was in the process of creating a show called "The Middle". Ricki Lake was origionally cast, but the show was cut from getting a series order.

    Now in 2008, ABC is looking to bring back "The Middle", and is eyeing Patricia Heaton for the lead

    "The Middle" tells the story of a middle-cl@ss Midwestern family told through the eyes of the mother.

    Of course, Patty had success with the "mother" role, winning 2 Emmys for Raymond.

    Here is the link to the news article:

    Also ironic, if Patty takes the role and the series is picked up, it may be paired with Kelsey Grammer's potential show "Roman's Empire". Patty recently starred in the show "Back To You" with Grammer.

    Here's the catch: ABC will give the series a pilot order ONLY if they land Patricia as the lead!

    (When is TV going to fix that forbidden error already? I hate not being able to type cl@ss!)

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