Back to You

Season 1 Episode 6

Gracie's Bully

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • gracie's bully

    This felt more like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond than Back to You. A storyline that was written perfectly for Debra Barone, confronting her daughter's bully and then having to deal with the consequences.

    Seeing Marsh cry two seconds into Casey at the Bat was a great moment as well. The Gary and Marsh chemistry is great (they would later go on to work together on Modern Family) but I'd like to see some interaction between them and the other characters.

    A solid episode, but not as good as some of the previous ones. A bit too formulaic at times.
  • Rumble in the newsroom!

    One of the best episode of the series, although the reason why I'm watching this week's episode is that "Pushing Dasies" isn't on tonight. it's either that or I shut off the tube. but I like this week epsiode, although I still had a less than favoritable view of the series as awhole. I hope this is a start. Kelly's classroom is visiting and a bully is pushing her around. This is almost like that episode of "the Brady Bunch" when Peter is being picked on by a bully. the bully doesn't lok like Nelson of the "The Simpson." But overall, I like the episode a lot.
  • After a slight break Back to You returns.

    I thought this was a decent enough episode, not great but not poor.

    Kelly's daughter Gracie and her class have a field trip to WURG but trouble ensues when Chuck realises Gracie has a bully in her class, and Chuck wants to put a stop to it, Kelly naturally stops him from making a fool of himself but in the process threatens Gracie's bully with a difficult outcome.

    I know this show is still in it's first season and a lot of people including me expected big things from Back to You considering it's two main stars are from two of the major great American sit-coms, but for me it's the supporting actors Fred Willard, Josh Gad, Ayda Field and Ty Burrell that make the show for me.
  • I think the pick of the episodes so far.. This had me in absolute sitieches. Best acting performance so far by Patricia Heaton. Gracie's class visit the station. Gracie has a boy picking on her. Kelly's reaction fantastic. Gary funny throughout.

    A fantastic episode. The best of the season. I'm really liking Patricia Heaton's character Kelly Carr. She puts Xander the bully in his place much to the delight of Chuck and then uses Chuck like a punching bag. Ryan's chemistry with Montana continued from episode 3. Gary was funny throughout nearly busting Kelly & Chuck's big secret. Misinterpreting the whole sitation where they bought a boat together.. Marsh's short story was hilarious. Ryan's interaction with the kids was hilarious. Chuck couldn't help himself in the final but when they met Xander's mum. The ear flicking was also funny and a great exit line where Gracie says why would someone hurt someone if they liked that person. As Chuck and Kelly separate themselves.. The so no idea.. Very funny sequence.
  • We seem to be getting clower....

    Kids in the newsroom and Kelly and Chuck very nearly revealed their past relationship - twice. Are we getting closer to that predictable moment when Gracie, herself, finds out about her parentage?? I think so. Still disappointing. Still not funny. I am loving the interractions between Chuck and Kelly a LOT more....but very little else. He is fun to watch in the throes of secretive parental adoration. Loved seeing her manhandle him to a back room after telling him not to manhandle a kid. Heh. And my favorite line, "this may be my first parental rush...yeah, well we will have cake later." Hee. All of the adult/child interractions have been done before...and done better. Not sure what isn't working though. Not liking Fred Willard or his character. It's stupid. So is Montana. Neither are 'likeable' in the way obnoxious Ted Baxter was on TMTMS. Like the Gary guy but he is getting a bit more vindictive and that is off setting. Ryan is to disconcertening to watch because he reminds me too much of me. Sigh. Still hoping and will watch again....but not all that disappointed that the show will not be returning if the strike continues. Just makes me sad.