Back to You

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The panoramic view of Pittsburgh used as the background for the newsroom set was taken by Pittsburgh freelance photographer Roy Engelbrecht.

    • WURG is supposedly Channel 9, and Kelly mentions that she has an offer from Channel 7. In fact, Pittsburgh has neither a channel 7 nor a channel 9. The VHF stations in Pittsburgh are Channel 2 (KDKA, CBS affiliate); Channel 4 (WTAE, ABC affiliate); Channel 11 (WPXI, NBC affiliate); and Channel 13 (WQED, PBS affiliate).

  • Quotes

    • Chuck: Hey, Marsh.
      Marsh: Hey. Kelly back?
      Chuck: No, but don't worry. She'd wade through a pool of piranhas to get in front of a camera.
      Marsh: Remember when she did that? Hell of a Sweeps Week.

    • Kelly: Look, listen, I'm going to make this easier for you and believe me it comes out of love; you would suck as a father. You are self-centered, you're dismissive and if you're not chasing after the next job it's because you're chasing after the next woman.
      Chuck: You know I might point out here that your daughter could benefit from a strong masculine figure in her life but I see she already has one.

    • Chuck: I know we don't always get along but we've got chemistry.
      Kelly: Oh pshaw.
      Chuck: Oh we do. On screen and off. The audience felt it, we felt it, and at least one occasion that ottoman felt it.

    • Montana: Ten year old girls can be so cruel. Especially if you develop early which is why I just hung out with male teachers.

    • Chuck: Mimi, you look fantastic.
      Mimi: Listen I'd love to get together and catch up.
      Chuck: You free tonight?
      Mimi: All I have is yoga.
      Chuck: Good and you're flexible.

    • Chuck: (to Kelly) Good lord, cut your nails. It's like a falcon landed on my wrist.

    • Kelly: So where are you living?
      Chuck: Back at the Dorchester.
      Kelly: Still livin' in hotels, huh?
      Chuck: What can I say? I like a relationship where they want me to leave me towels on the floor.

    • Montana: Hello, I'm Montana Diaz Herrera.
      Chuck: Oh you're the weather girl. Nice to meet you. Or do you prefer weather woman? I never know which.
      Montana: Actually, I prefer meteorologist.
      Ryan: But you're not a meteorologist.
      Montana: But I prefer it. It makes me seem like a professional.
      Gary: Trust me, that skirt alone makes you seem like a professional.

    • Chuck: Say Marsh, let me ask you something? How did Kelly take the news of my coming back? You know things were a bit turbulent between us.
      Marsh: I guess she has been a little on edge lately. Last week I told a perfectly harmless PMS joke and she threw a bottle at me. Whose point did she prove there?

    • Marsh: I love this guy. Man, we used to go out and have some wild times after the show. Remember those two skater girls with the gorgeous legs? They were characters from Sesame Street On Ice. As I recall, you banged Bert.
      Chuck: That particular night was brought to you by the letter O.

    • Gary: It's so great you're back, the legendary Chuck Darling.
      Chuck: Oh, I don't know about legend. What's an anchorman but a loud guy to keep people from flipping the channels.
      Gary: Well it's a skill to command people's attention. People tell me...
      Chuck: (walks away) Hello I'm Chuck Darling.

    • Ryan: Gary, again I'm sorry you didn't get the anchor job.
      Gary: You're sorry. I spent the last 12 years out in the cold covering every freeway chase, toxic spill, and record snow fall. What was all that talk about you guys grooming me?
      Ryan: That was about your eyebrows when we went high def.

    • Chuck: So, are we OK?
      Kelly: Yes, I'm sorry I overreacted earlier.
      Chuck: It's all right, it's understandable, especially considering how badly I handled things after we...
      Kelly: Oh, Chuck, would you please--
      Chuck: Oh come on Kelly, look denying it is not going to make it go away, we slept together, all right, this just in!
      Kelly: Your exact words that night, as I recall.

    • Ryan: (yelling) OK people, our new anchor is in the building. Let's try and look professional.

  • Notes

    • International Show Titles:
      Czech Republic - Zpátky do studia (Back to the Studio)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2008 Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence In Production Design - Multi-Camera Television Series.

    • Kelsey Grammer and Fred Willard also worked together in the episode "Analyzing The Laughter" of Frasier.

    • Patricia Heaton and Fred Willard also worked together in several episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • The character of Gary Crezyzewski was apparently included as a nod to Pittsburgh's relatively large number of residents of Eastern European descent, most of whom are descended from immigrants who came around the turn of the 20th century to work in Pittsburgh's steel and coal industries.

    • Bernard Vyzga and Rich Rohrer were nominated for the 2008 Excellence in Production Design Award for "Television - Multi-Camera Television Series" for this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: January 23, 2008 on Network 10
      India: March 6, 2008 on Zee Cafe
      Denmark: April 4, 2008 on TV3+
      United Kingdom: June 11, 2008 on More4
      Thailand: July 14, 2008 on True Series
      Latin America: August 10, 2008 on Canal Fox
      Israel: October 28, 2008 on HOT3
      Czech Republic: April 1, 2009 on Prima COOL

    • The roles of Ryan Church and Montana Diaz Herrera were originally cast by Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia, respectively.

    • The show was originally titled Action News, but was renamed due to an actual Pittsburgh station having the same title.

    • The series was given a blind 13-episode series commitment before the pilot was even filmed. The pilot filmed on April 10 and 13, 2007.

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