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  • Hm....

    Although it's not making any comedic landmarks, it's a lot better than it'd junior-year predecessor, Til Death, which is so abysmally boring and bad I was brought to near-tears just going through it--in order to check out this new show, of course. That was months ago, and I have to say, the group-humor thing always gets me, and frankly, the Til Death wife is annoying as h. With the awesome Willard just tipping the scale the once-hysterical-now-dry Brad Garrett is on the other end of, sitcom alums Heaton and Grammar as the lead roles, and skinny what's-his-face making for a delightful (yes, I said delightful) backup role, I'd watch reruns of Back To You before suffering another Til Death season. By default, I choose BTY.
  • Another bad comedy from FOX? Yep, and I saw it coming.

    This show even sounds terrible at first, but I simply watched it to see how bad it is. Boy, I knew it was going to be bad, but not this BAD.

    This show has unlikeable characters, very, very poor acting and some of the worst jokes I've ever seen in a comedy. Most jokes were predictable, and even the unpredictable ones had no impact on making me laugh, so lame and weak. The characters like Chuck and Kelly, the main ones were not interesting at all, not even with their back stories. It's simply boring and really doesn't have any depth to it. The acting is a joke itself, it's nearly unwatchable and I don't have any feeling for the characters, it's hard to explain something that pathetic. So far there's nothing good about this show, unless you don't watch it and forget about it.

    FOX needs to stop putting crap shows like this on their network. If this show gets a full season(7-21?), I will not understand that. You call this comedy, yeah, I laughed more at Til Death for god sakes, Til Death. Unless this show gets funnier, which I doubt it, it won't last like Happy Hour, another crappy show. My 30 minutes have been wasted on this show, and I'll never get it back. In short, this so called "comedy" is awful. Save your time by avoiding this one, you'll thank me later.
  • Could work on humor, though it had it's moments.

    This show could be funnier. Personally I only laughed at a couple of jokes, not at all of them and others got old pretty fast (hope their not running gags). I'll watch the second episode, as I hope they improved.

    The main characters were great, they were the funniest pair and the ones with best chemistry. On the other hand, the other characters were "meh" as if they could be better or really weren't needed. I felt they could have gone more with the Latino character, and made the fat guy more likable. Work on the characters, include more funny punchlines, and I'll higher the rating. Until then it has a: 5.3.
  • I have heard from many people who work in television on both the creative and business ends (Don't ask me to name names) and all say, "The Networks do not want "behind the scenes" shows".

    Never Judge A Show by It's Pilot: Back to You. My first impression of Back to You is that this show should be good because you have a winning team in front of the camera (Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton) and behind the camera (James Burrows). I also have two questions or concerns about the show since it takes place in a fictional TV newsroom. First why are they doing a "behind the scenes" show? I have heard from many people who work in television on both the creative and business ends (Don't ask me to name names) and all say, "The Networks do not want "behind the scenes" shows". I would think especially in light of the lack of an audience for last season's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip everyone would stay away from "behind the scenes" shows. I am also curious if the fictional news program in the show will be covering topical stories like they did on Murphy Brown or will they be detached from current events like they were on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    I watched the pilot. I have to say that I've already seen this. I was hoping for something more comparable to Murphy Brown or The Mary Tyler Moore Show but instead this reminded me more of Good Morning, Miami, especially the Latina character Montana Diaz Herrera (Ayda Field). Celebrated news anchor Chuck Darling (Kelsey Grammer) returns home to the Pittsburgh TV station where he began he career. The back-story was nicely done with news clips including one on YouTube where Chuck Darling looses his cool. Darling is reunited with co-anchor Kelly Carr (Patricia Heaton), but emotional wounds run deep. Not only did they sleep together on Darling's last night in town, unbeknownst to Darling, they had a child together. The rest of the show is a collection of sophomoric one-liners and sexual innuendoes (It's on FOX, Duh!). There is a touching moment at the end of the episode when Darling meets his daughter for the first time but I expect better considering the talent pool in front of and behind the camera. I understand that some pilots have to spend a great deal of time on the premise and the story suffers because of it. I don't think that this is the case here, but I never judge a show by it's pilot.

    I saw the next episode titled Fish Story. Chuck Darling receives a goldfish as a gift from station management. The gift symbolizes Darling being a big fish in a small pond. Darling over feeds the fish and it dies. Darling does not want Kelly to see that he killed a fish when he is trying to prove to her that he is ready to be a father. All through the episode replacement after replacement fish comically dies. Some of the jokes are laugh out funny and others are painfully predictable. Again the episode ends with a tender moment featuring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton. Sophomoric one-liners and sexual innuendoes with a touching moment at the end does not a sitcom make. The sitcom bar has been raised in the last few years with shows like My Name Is Earl and The Office. Considering the talent pool associated with this show I am surprised to see the bar lowered.

    To quote Ray Romano's censored monologue at the Emmy's, "Frasier is screwing my wife".

    PS: That line is tamer that many of the jokes on the show.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Being the fan that I am, it's m hope, that after some 're-constructive surgery', this show comes back stronger than ever next season. With the two super comedians at the top, Grammer and Heaton, All should expect it to be in the top of the heap.

    For such a greatly anticipated comedy, this effort by Kelsey Grammer, to this date, is a disappointment, for sure. He's great and an established veteran comedian, with many credits to his resume, but even with a handful of other proven vets of comedy,on the program, the show still lacks something not easily described here. It seems to lag, though the lines are funny, they are often offset by other members of the cast, with distracting dialog, that lets the air out of the pace of the episode. In my estimation, it will be better as it goes along, if it lasts, provided the shows director/producer, looses some of the present ensemble, a number of which, really do injustice to the show. They simply are not funny. Have been a huge fan of Mr. Grammer since Cheers and Frasier and understand how talented a comedian he is. He's always been on winning shows, yet this might ruin his super record of success.
  • Quirky Local News Show that just might work.

    We've seen this Local News Sit-com thing tried over and over again... but with a couple of Big Stars Trying to turn the corner in their careers... and a few flimsy characters thrown in... it's not all that bad. I like the little twist having the Anchor team bearing an illegitimate child... and the male anchor finding out 10 years later. The Weather Girl Montana is a total Big-boobed caricature... but certainly adds a little sizzle to an otherwise unattractive cast. It seems everyone is trying a bit too hard in the early stages... but in time, this could be a reasonably good comedy.
  • A prematurely ended but good sitcom....

    Few good TV shows exist at this point in time and it is because networks do not take risks anymore nor allow time for a show to grow and develop. Quite clever, consistently amusing, and including some great talent, "Back To You" joins ranks with the likes of "The Norm Show," "Arrested Development," "Firefly," as other prematurely ended quality TV shows.

    "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer and "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Patricia Heaton join forces in "Back To You." Grammer plays Chuck Darling, a TV anchor who after a vulgar and embarrassing live-TV slip-up returns to WURG Pittsburg to resume the job that he left 10 years ago. At WURG is, among a wide variety of colorful and disaster-prone network employees, co-anchor Kelly Carr (played by Heaton) who has a very fractious relationship with Chuck.

    From the collaborative minds of Steven Levitan (creator of "Just Shoot Me"), Christopher Lloyd (writer/producer on "Frasier"), and James Burrows (director of a lot of prime-time TV including "Cheers," "Frasier," "NewsRadio," and "Friends"), "Back To You" was a consistently funny series though not a perfect one. Grammer and Heaton were in top form throughout the show but, since the show also featured many supporting characters, the small supporting characters were not funny at all. Much of the show was clever but the unfunny supporting characters sometimes screwed up what could have been funny. Still, although not one of the great sitcoms ever to be aired on TV, "Back To You" was consistently entertaining, was one of the only few good TV shows on TV at the time (and now, for that matter), and did not get a fair shot at developing into a better show.
  • kelsy Grammer needs to live up to his talent.

    This show premired 2 weeks back and i thought the first episode was good, but last week i was disappointed. I mean its not like i take the time out to watch it but my PVR recordings for the weekends it will remain until proven otherwise. Patricia does a better job that Kelsy but all and all this show needs fine tuning in the story line and comedy area. I think this show could be a success if it wasn't up against so much compitition on wednesday nights. Lets see how this show does and we will hope for the best cause we need more comedies out there.
  • Slightly below the excellent second episode, but still a solid entry.

    Not quite as funny as the second episode, but still a good show. The characters are likable, as in the classic sitcoms, so it makes an occasional sub-par episode (even this early on) entertaining anyways. Montana learns that her boyfriend is cheating on her, Chuck runs into Gracie and Kelly at a restaurant. The relationship between Gracie and Chuck gets a little deeper, as the two hit it off at the expense of Kelly. Even though this episode lacked laugh out loud moments like the previous one, it was still solid, and the sub-plots involving various characters were still largely entertaining.
  • Standard sitcom involving a fired news anchor returning home to begin again.

    I liked Kelsey Grammer in Frasier and Cheers. He will always be Frasier Crane to me. After 20 years of playing the same character in 2 shows, typecasting is bound to be a problem.

    Overall it was a good show - its a typical sitcom. Grammer returns to his old studio in Pittsbugh (My home town - nice to see various places mentioned and a nice shot of the city skyline in the background of the news studio).

    One of the characters was running around sweating so bad his shirt had huge stains under his arm pits - that was gross. Other than that it was a pretty good pilot. So far, its not as good as Cheers or Frasier, but it could grow on me over time.
  • Back to You is about a pair news anchors who reunite at a Pittsburgh television station after Chuck Darling (Grammer) left to pursue larger news organizations. The twist is that Kelly Carr (Heaton) had Chuck's child after a one night stand long ago.

    This show is a bit of fresh air coming straight at us from the days of sitcom past. It takes an obvious step into some classic shows like Frasier, Sports Night and News Radio in theme, but the catalysts are interesting. Grammar plays Chuck Darling, an egotistical anchor who got booted from the big news industry due to an accidental on-air flaming of his coworker. So, Chuck returns to his humble beginnings at the local Pittsburgh station. Kelly Carr (Heaton) greets Chuck with hostility, which Chuck attributes to her having fallen in love with him after a one night stand just before he left for the big leagues. However, the end of the pilot episode introduces the great catalyst for the series. Kelly has a daughter, who happens to have been conceived during that night.

    The comedy is fairly solid in this new show. The dramatic elements are available and ready for use. Only one episode has aired, but it could have staying power. They only need to use the 13 episodes given to fine tune this show into something great, or fade out into another failed sitcom with great stars of sitcom past.
  • Back to You is a decent new comedy.

    Back to you is a decent new comedy. Lately comedies have been somewhat lacking on network tv, there are a few good ones but not as many in previous years, theres more reality and drama now. I'm a fan of drama, but I could live without all the reality shows.

    The character interplay in the pilot was good, the cast is decent and the writing is good.

    This show has a decent potential to it and I hope it hangs around long enough to mature, and that the quality stays the same or gets better.

    The pilot was pretty funny, and I hope to see more of this show over this season.

    I usually hold back full judgment until 10 or so episodes have aired, but I think this show will be a keeper. Already set up a series recording for the dvr.

    I also like that its an HD show due to my setup.

    All in all worth giving a try.
  • Good, but could be a lot better.

    I'm a fan of Kelsey Grammer, so it was obvious that I had to watch this show. So far it's off to a decant start. Sadly it doesn't quiet match the intellectual comedy of Frasier. But there still is time for it to grow. For some reason, it feels as though Patricia Heaton is killing his charm. She is a poor match for him, I guess the network couldn't find anyone better. Her comebacks are pretty lame. She was good for Everybody loves Raymond, but lacks the sophistication to tango with Kelsy. I'll keep watching, hoping that the chemistry between these two becomes more natural.
  • Will get better

    Okay Back To You is not an Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier or any other live audience sitcom but given time could come very close.

    I found it strange watching Kelsey and Patricia and expecting one of the Frasier or EBLR regulars to pop up somewhere and maybe we might get David, Peri, John, Jane, Ray or Brad making an experience especially as the writers are ex Frasier men but as I said give it time and I think this show will be great, it has promise with Fred Willard and Ty Burrell part of the team, but i have to say Kelsey and Patricia do look good together on screen.

    Hope this show last's.

    I've been looking forward to this one and the first episode did not disappoint. The premise of an anchor team with a personal history is interesting and the behind the scenes TV stuff harkens back to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    Only negative was too much sexual innuendo. The weather girl is obnoxious and I would love to see them fill that role with a revolving cast of characters who keep changing week to week like Murphy Brown's secretaries.

    Kelsey Grammer is well-matched with Patricia Heaton in this new fast-paced sitcom. Fred Willard is a plus and the geeky young news producer is perfect in his role.

    Funny show. I hope it lasts.
  • I like the characters - I especially like Kelsey Grammer & patricia Heaton. I thought it was a good start and I thought it was funny. Good writing and I hope it continues

    Whats not to like- Fraser and Everybody Loves Raymond were 2 top notch shows. This one "Back to you " I like -I thought it was funny and the characters are likeable. Unlike a lot of the so-called comedies - this one was good right from the start ! I like Kelsey and Patricia and there is a nice edge to it - not some clueless baloney like some of the shows this season. Now if Fox will only promote it property - not shift its time and nights - give it a chance - it has very good potential and I really think that by the end of the season it will be a hit for a Fox.
  • Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are back on tv for a very funny show.

    I cant believe this show I guess like Justice which was a great show, unfortinally got cancelled maybe due to being on the wrong network though this is more of an NBC show but NBC isnt what used to be. With not that many great comedys on TV and Fox coming with pritty bad ones outside the animation of Sundays which are really great, this is one of the good ones that comes out. I love this show and look foward to it when it comes on tv. I love the characters and I love the funny stories.

    Common the producers of Fraisher work on this show and its funny and should be atleastg given a try.
  • Back To You is a funny, intelligent workplace comedy. Even if it only lasts a season, it will be in the history books with The Office and Just Shoot Me.

    Back To You is hilarous! Kelsey Grammer cracks me up. He plays "the man in charge" kinda like he did on Fraiser. It's good he has Patricia Heaton around to keep his big ego in check when he goes overboard. They play very well together like they are married to each other. I also have seen most of the cast in other shows and I think they are funny and if you them together with 2 veterans like Fraiser and Debra Barone, you will find yourself a big hit. It's nice to see a back-to-basics live audiance sitcom like this. I think this will be the next big thing on TV. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • Kelsey Grammer is awesome. And I'm not just saying that.

    I never saw Mr. Grammar in any of his previous shows. The previews alone called me on this show. I am glad I have given it a chance. This funny. It's refreshing, and it doesn't bore you with bad jokes. Good move, Fox. Now please don't take it away from us the way you dropped Firefly and Tru Calling. I like the writing on this show. It's smart and witty. One can hardly say this show is boring. If you didn't laugh at the first two episodes, then you really haven't got a sense of humor. Or it must be really dry. Looking forward to more!!
  • This show rocks

    I was so looking forward to this show, and i know why now. It was so funny. My boyfriend and I couldnt stop laughing. I'm hooked. I hope it stays on for along time. Kelsey Grammer and Patrica Heaton have this hilarious comedy chemistry. Its Everyone Loves Raymond with alittle Fraiser mixed in. It will get great reviews in up coming weeks.Its been along time since Ive actually been waiting on a 30min sitcom. I was a faithful Friends watcher and Everyone Loves Raymond viewer. I havent been in to sitting down and watching 30 minutes comedies like my better half does. But things are different now. I really really like this show
  • It is a desent type of show, like Til' Death but diffrent story lines. Its something that I would watch if all my shows from FOx was on.

    It is a funny, funny, show. The Ploit had a great story line. When Kelsey was doing the news in LA and it was on YouTube, him throwing the F bomb was the funnies thing I heard from him since Frasier. Patty Heaton, of course, is healuoris and funny. Diffrenet then her Debra Barone character but we need to see her do diffrent characters. When Kelsey's character, was surprise that he could be the father of Patty's Character, then he had to read his commnatry speech that he has come back home and is doing the show. That was healours to the fullest. I give the show two thumbs up and maybe one and a half that the show will get a nod from Miss. Emmy Award..........
  • "Been there, done that." Kelsey plays his old, familiar Frasier character just with a different (and stupid) name. Nothing new to see here people.

    First impression: "been there, done that". Isn't this a re-hash of the formula used for '70s show "WKRP in Cincinnati" ? Just not inspiring. Kelsey plays his old, familiar "Frasier" character just with a different name. That might be ok if we hadn't seen Frasier since that series ended in 1997, but it's been in syndication ever since ! So, we're tired, fatigued of the Frasier character already. And the other characters are so contrived and transparent to appeal to particular demographics: you have the hot but airheaded latina weathergirl with a nympho-complex (demo: hispanics, hormonal men), the washed up old-hand played by Fred Willard (demo: oldsters), and the single, career-stifled, working-mom played by Patricia Heaton (demo: oldsters, career women, single moms). The other two characters have specific demographic appeal too, it just seems so forced. Wanted to like the show but I just can't; it's too much like WKRP and Frasier which means it's not original nor fresh. I'm sure big stars Grammer and Heaton got guarantees from Fox not to cancel early, so the first season might play out but I doubt it would survive into season two. But I'd have said the same about CBS's "New Adven of Old Christine" which has somehow avoided cancellation.
  • One of Fall 2007 biggest disappointments. I really wanted to like Back To You. I love Kelsey Grammer and there is a wealth of comedic possibilities in the production of a news cast. But it just didn't do it for me.

    I really wanted to like Back To You. I love Kelsey Grammer and there is a wealth of comedic possibilities in the production of a news cast. I know, I used to work in media and have lots of close friends that currently work at an NBC affiliate where I live. Media people are a different and often crazy sort full of gigantic amounts of stress and often over the top personalities and egos. So I had very high hopes. But Back To You was almost painful to watch. I watched 2 and a half episodes before deleting my season pass from my TiVo. The jokes were very forced, the set ups completely ridiculous and they added this annoying subplot of the two lead anchors having a child together after a one night stand 10 years ago. And for some reason they keep alluding to Pittsburgh (where the show is set) as being such a slap in the face to work cause it is such a small town market. Hello? Pittsburgh small market. Maybe compared to LA and NY, but I would never consider working at a Pittsburgh affiliate as being banished to a small market. Don't know why that struck a chord with me, but it did. Kelsey Grammer couldn't even save this for me. At least when Fraiser acted like a pompous jerk you forgave him because deep down he was a good guy. Chuck Darling, however, has not proven this for himself. He just comes off as a jerk plain and simple. The only highlight of the show is Fred Willard. Love him.
  • Funny

    This show was absolutely hilarious. Kelsey Grammer and Fred Willard absolutely stole the show. Patricia Heaton was just treading water by playing the same old angry character, though. I would at least like to see the unaired episodes. But maybe I should be grateful because everything was actually resolved in the final aired episode. I honestly thought they were going to drag the thing about Gracie out for the entire run of the show. I guess all I can hope for now is that they pick Roman's Empire up on ABC so I can get my weekly Kelsey Grammer fix.
  • Who knew telling the news could be so funny.

    The very first episode had me laughing as I grew to know and love each character on the show. I really did not expect this show to be so good. When I saw Patricia Heaton (Kelly Carr) on the show I immediately thought of Everybody loves Raymond and the work she did on that show. I thought that she would deliver the same material she did on her previous comedy, but she surprisingly did not. She played the 'single mother' part well. I found this show was an interesting idea played well by the characters. Who would have thought that giving a news report would be so delighting. You view the news and the whether on television, but this show impressively teaches what happens after the news comes off air and you realize that all the characters have their own messy lives to go home to and face the challenges. I can't tell you how much I admire this show, I am guaranteed a good laugh every episode. I give this show five stars for being my new favorite comedy.
  • Pretty good move for Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer after being on two different, but successful shows.

    I thought the show was pretty good. Patricia Heaton, the lady who played "Debra Barone" on the hit CBS show "Everybody Loves Raymond", and Kelsey Grammer from two shows, which were "Frasier", and "Cheers".

    Anyways, I thought the comedy was pretty good. I thought that some of the comedy was sort of a "laugh-out-loud" type of joke, while just some of those jokes were like a feeling of "I get it, so I don't need to laugh". And all of the twists and turns the shows makes (I don't want to mention any happenings). So, my overall choice was that the show is a pretty good show, and I think Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer are making a pretty good move after being in sych great Emmy Award winning shows. This might be coming up for an Emmy someday...
  • "Back To You" is a new comedy about two star news anchors that have to work together again after going separate ways eight years earlier.

    I have to say positively hilarious. We could not stop laughing. Who would have thought Kelsey Grammer as Chuck Darling and Patricia Heaton as Kelly Carr would look to be such a spectacular team? We all know that both actors' are well seasoned in sitcom television but who could have known that in this short period of time they would have had such an explosion of chemistry. They look they have been working on this project together for years. I only hope that FOX realizes that they have an instant classic on their hands that is sure to be in reruns well into the my 70's and does not pull one of their usual stunts and cancels the season before it really takes off.
  • side splitting comedy

    this show was great but the only thing i don't like was that it took Kelly and Chuck so long to tell Gracie that she was Chucks daughter i mean people want them to just get it out so the show can go on. But other than that this show was great it really had hard hitting comedy on behind the scenes of the news crew and to make there personal life so dramatic really made this show pop. well i cant wait until new episode of it are on tv and for it to be released on dvd so we can all enjoy the humor every day.
  • Back To You - Decent Sitcom

    This was one funny little sitcom that ended its run abruptly because of 2 things. It was airing on FOX which is never a good thing for a new show and it was shortened due to WGA Strike during the infamous 2007/2008 season.