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FOX (ended 2008)


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  • Another bad comedy from FOX? Yep, and I saw it coming.

    This show even sounds terrible at first, but I simply watched it to see how bad it is. Boy, I knew it was going to be bad, but not this BAD.

    This show has unlikeable characters, very, very poor acting and some of the worst jokes I've ever seen in a comedy. Most jokes were predictable, and even the unpredictable ones had no impact on making me laugh, so lame and weak. The characters like Chuck and Kelly, the main ones were not interesting at all, not even with their back stories. It's simply boring and really doesn't have any depth to it. The acting is a joke itself, it's nearly unwatchable and I don't have any feeling for the characters, it's hard to explain something that pathetic. So far there's nothing good about this show, unless you don't watch it and forget about it.

    FOX needs to stop putting crap shows like this on their network. If this show gets a full season(7-21?), I will not understand that. You call this comedy, yeah, I laughed more at Til Death for god sakes, Til Death. Unless this show gets funnier, which I doubt it, it won't last like Happy Hour, another crappy show. My 30 minutes have been wasted on this show, and I'll never get it back. In short, this so called "comedy" is awful. Save your time by avoiding this one, you'll thank me later.