Back to You

FOX (ended 2008)


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  • It is a desent type of show, like Til' Death but diffrent story lines. Its something that I would watch if all my shows from FOx was on.

    It is a funny, funny, show. The Ploit had a great story line. When Kelsey was doing the news in LA and it was on YouTube, him throwing the F bomb was the funnies thing I heard from him since Frasier. Patty Heaton, of course, is healuoris and funny. Diffrenet then her Debra Barone character but we need to see her do diffrent characters. When Kelsey's character, was surprise that he could be the father of Patty's Character, then he had to read his commnatry speech that he has come back home and is doing the show. That was healours to the fullest. I give the show two thumbs up and maybe one and a half that the show will get a nod from Miss. Emmy Award..........