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  • Back to You is about a pair news anchors who reunite at a Pittsburgh television station after Chuck Darling (Grammer) left to pursue larger news organizations. The twist is that Kelly Carr (Heaton) had Chuck's child after a one night stand long ago.

    This show is a bit of fresh air coming straight at us from the days of sitcom past. It takes an obvious step into some classic shows like Frasier, Sports Night and News Radio in theme, but the catalysts are interesting. Grammar plays Chuck Darling, an egotistical anchor who got booted from the big news industry due to an accidental on-air flaming of his coworker. So, Chuck returns to his humble beginnings at the local Pittsburgh station. Kelly Carr (Heaton) greets Chuck with hostility, which Chuck attributes to her having fallen in love with him after a one night stand just before he left for the big leagues. However, the end of the pilot episode introduces the great catalyst for the series. Kelly has a daughter, who happens to have been conceived during that night.

    The comedy is fairly solid in this new show. The dramatic elements are available and ready for use. Only one episode has aired, but it could have staying power. They only need to use the 13 episodes given to fine tune this show into something great, or fade out into another failed sitcom with great stars of sitcom past.