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FOX (ended 2008)


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  • Back to You is a decent new comedy.

    Back to you is a decent new comedy. Lately comedies have been somewhat lacking on network tv, there are a few good ones but not as many in previous years, theres more reality and drama now. I'm a fan of drama, but I could live without all the reality shows.

    The character interplay in the pilot was good, the cast is decent and the writing is good.

    This show has a decent potential to it and I hope it hangs around long enough to mature, and that the quality stays the same or gets better.

    The pilot was pretty funny, and I hope to see more of this show over this season.

    I usually hold back full judgment until 10 or so episodes have aired, but I think this show will be a keeper. Already set up a series recording for the dvr.

    I also like that its an HD show due to my setup.

    All in all worth giving a try.