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FOX (ended 2008)


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  • "Been there, done that." Kelsey plays his old, familiar Frasier character just with a different (and stupid) name. Nothing new to see here people.

    First impression: "been there, done that". Isn't this a re-hash of the formula used for '70s show "WKRP in Cincinnati" ? Just not inspiring. Kelsey plays his old, familiar "Frasier" character just with a different name. That might be ok if we hadn't seen Frasier since that series ended in 1997, but it's been in syndication ever since ! So, we're tired, fatigued of the Frasier character already. And the other characters are so contrived and transparent to appeal to particular demographics: you have the hot but airheaded latina weathergirl with a nympho-complex (demo: hispanics, hormonal men), the washed up old-hand played by Fred Willard (demo: oldsters), and the single, career-stifled, working-mom played by Patricia Heaton (demo: oldsters, career women, single moms). The other two characters have specific demographic appeal too, it just seems so forced. Wanted to like the show but I just can't; it's too much like WKRP and Frasier which means it's not original nor fresh. I'm sure big stars Grammer and Heaton got guarantees from Fox not to cancel early, so the first season might play out but I doubt it would survive into season two. But I'd have said the same about CBS's "New Adven of Old Christine" which has somehow avoided cancellation.