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FOX (ended 2008)


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  • Being the fan that I am, it's m hope, that after some 're-constructive surgery', this show comes back stronger than ever next season. With the two super comedians at the top, Grammer and Heaton, All should expect it to be in the top of the heap.

    For such a greatly anticipated comedy, this effort by Kelsey Grammer, to this date, is a disappointment, for sure. He's great and an established veteran comedian, with many credits to his resume, but even with a handful of other proven vets of comedy,on the program, the show still lacks something not easily described here. It seems to lag, though the lines are funny, they are often offset by other members of the cast, with distracting dialog, that lets the air out of the pace of the episode. In my estimation, it will be better as it goes along, if it lasts, provided the shows director/producer, looses some of the present ensemble, a number of which, really do injustice to the show. They simply are not funny. Have been a huge fan of Mr. Grammer since Cheers and Frasier and understand how talented a comedian he is. He's always been on winning shows, yet this might ruin his super record of success.