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FOX (ended 2008)


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  • Who knew telling the news could be so funny.

    The very first episode had me laughing as I grew to know and love each character on the show. I really did not expect this show to be so good. When I saw Patricia Heaton (Kelly Carr) on the show I immediately thought of Everybody loves Raymond and the work she did on that show. I thought that she would deliver the same material she did on her previous comedy, but she surprisingly did not. She played the 'single mother' part well. I found this show was an interesting idea played well by the characters. Who would have thought that giving a news report would be so delighting. You view the news and the whether on television, but this show impressively teaches what happens after the news comes off air and you realize that all the characters have their own messy lives to go home to and face the challenges. I can't tell you how much I admire this show, I am guaranteed a good laugh every episode. I give this show five stars for being my new favorite comedy.