Back to You

Season 1 Episode 3

The First Supper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on FOX

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  • Solid third episode which is an overall winner for the Fox Network. Gracie meets up with Chuck again. Gary gets his anchor resume together with help from Marsh. Montana is getting over being dumped and finds comfort in Ryan.

    The third episode of this comedy continued to show promise. I really enjoyed the storyline development in this one which started the show with Montana freezing doign the weather report (boyfriend had dumped her). The main story though was Chuck stumbling along Kelly and Gracie having dinner at a restaurant. Great to see chemistry with Gracie and Chuck continue from the opening episode (including their drinking game) everytime Kelly ordered them around. Ryan's so called crush on Montana was interesting but not unrealistic. Josh Gad as an actor has been very solid so far. Gary's sidestory about doing a anchor tape with the help from Marsh was also very enjoyable. I like the new touch of graphics going from scene to scene with Steve Levitan idea I think. Closing credit funny sequences may be something to look forward to after we saw our first one of this series where they all waited for Gary to go and play the tape.
    So in 22 minutes we saw some great character development from Ryan, Gary, Montana and Marsh whereas the main storyline left you wondering what will happen between Gracie, Chuck & Kelly. I don't think we'll see Gracie every episode so I think that will space out the storyline which will obviously develop over this the first season. We should place bets when Gracie will actually find out. I'm saying the season finale.
  • Getting better....... only just.

    Though the main storylines of this show revolve around Kelsey's and Patricia's characters Chuck and Kelly it's nice to have a cut off storyline involving other characters of the show rather than have them pop in now and again interrupting the main characters. So though we still have the storyline with Chuck and Kelly at each other throats arguing over Gracie Kelly's daughter we had a two really funny sideline stories with Montana learning she has been dumped live on air with Ryan the station manager having a secret crush on Montana and trying to get her over her break-up, plus we had Marsh helping Gary to become an anchorman with an hilarious outcome.

    As I said it's getting better but will never be another sitcom classic like Frasier or Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • A little better than the last episode.

    So far I'm quite pleased to see that "Back to You" has steadily been improving creatively week to week - although you'd expect a comedy with a pedigree such as the one this show has to be hilarious from the beginning. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

    This week was pretty fun. Chuck and Gracie bond a little over dinner but Chuck isn't quite ready for fatherhood yet. Ryan gives Montana a pep talk in the bathroom after she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and almost gets a kiss. Once again, though, my favorite part of this episode was Gary, who is a fantastic supporting character. He cracks me up in every episode, and his constant snides at Montana are really funny (although they'd be offensive in real life). I hope the show continues its upward path over the next few episodes - so far, so good.
  • OMG... It's draining the life out of me!

    Had I not watched the show "Frasier", I would definitely give this show a higher rating. Well, the plots and settings are reasonably okay, right? However, I can't help but feel that Chuck Darling is just another version of Frasier Crane. Let's face it, Kelsey Grammer moves, talks and dresses exactly alike in both the shows. His fans would certainly welcome this, but doesn't this also make the show a little less unique and interesting.

    Although, this is a comedy, I feel that there are certain details that should look realistic. For instance, news anchors are supposed to be confident, elegant, witty, charismatic and articulate in front of the camera. I do not mean to be critical, but do you really think Marsh (and Chuck) portrays these well enough?

    If you missed "Frasier", "Back to You" is the show for you. As for me, it's getting on my nerve.
  • This series with great promise continues to miss more and more each week. Outside of the two principals, the cast in almost entirely stereotyped unfunny characters. This is not getting any better

    In this episode Chuck and Kelly have dinner with their daughter, she still not knowing she is a Darling. These scenes were okay. The rest of the show was a mess. Montana has to be the worst, shallowest character in sitcom history. What were they thinking? Ryan as the producer is so predictable and his scenes with Montana were not funny. Fred Willard was funnier on Raymond. Gary has potential but overall, there was maybe one laugh out loud moment in this "comedy". Kelsey Grammar and Patricia need to turn up their game in order to compensate for this horrendous supporting cast.
  • oh dear

    Being away, I missed the first two episodes, and naturally, I'm sure, like many who've tuned in, I'm a big Frasier fan. And there's the problem - you can't but compare it to the sharp-as-a-tack writing and spot-on performances (of the leads particuarly) in Frasier.

    Kelsey Grammer is perfectly fine, but compared to Dr Crane, nothing beyond acceptable sit-com fare. He struggles against clunky, very, very obvious script.

    The plot section about the young, fat, office manager drooling over the weather girl was the point at which I gave up.

    Back to You is I'm sorry to say, just t funny enough for me to bother watching again...