Back to You

Season 1 Episode 3

The First Supper

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on FOX

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  • Solid third episode which is an overall winner for the Fox Network. Gracie meets up with Chuck again. Gary gets his anchor resume together with help from Marsh. Montana is getting over being dumped and finds comfort in Ryan.

    The third episode of this comedy continued to show promise. I really enjoyed the storyline development in this one which started the show with Montana freezing doign the weather report (boyfriend had dumped her). The main story though was Chuck stumbling along Kelly and Gracie having dinner at a restaurant. Great to see chemistry with Gracie and Chuck continue from the opening episode (including their drinking game) everytime Kelly ordered them around. Ryan's so called crush on Montana was interesting but not unrealistic. Josh Gad as an actor has been very solid so far. Gary's sidestory about doing a anchor tape with the help from Marsh was also very enjoyable. I like the new touch of graphics going from scene to scene with Steve Levitan idea I think. Closing credit funny sequences may be something to look forward to after we saw our first one of this series where they all waited for Gary to go and play the tape.
    So in 22 minutes we saw some great character development from Ryan, Gary, Montana and Marsh whereas the main storyline left you wondering what will happen between Gracie, Chuck & Kelly. I don't think we'll see Gracie every episode so I think that will space out the storyline which will obviously develop over this the first season. We should place bets when Gracie will actually find out. I'm saying the season finale.