Back to You

Season 1 Episode 13

The New Boss

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2008 on FOX

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  • The new station manager fires Montana.

    With three acclaimed sitcoms about news (WKRP In Cincinnati, Newsradio and now Back To You) it's obvious that storylines will eventually crossover. With even more workplace comedies, even the most creative show will have episodes that are "similar" to past shows.

    This episode seemed exactly like the Newsradio episode where Andrea came in and fired Matthew. The station manager was okay in this episode, but I hope she is not a full-time character is she can only be taken so far.

    Chuck Darling continues to be the funniest person on Fox's comedy lineup, and really grabs hold of every scene he's in. Ryan and Marsh were also pretty good in this episode.

    There were some drole points plagued throughout the program however, resulting in a slightly lower rating than usual.
  • Oh poor Montana.

    This weeks episode finds a new boss at WURG, she's making sweeping changes and apart from taking the bottled water away she wants to make staff changes, Chuck and Kelly visits the boss to get the water reinstated but inadvertently give the impression that Montana is not a great weather girl, they later find out that Ginger ( the new boss ) has instructed Ryan to fire Montana. With Gary afraid of asking time off and Marsh having taken his wife's estrogens pill and feeling the effects it's business as usual at WURG.

    I had mixed feelings about the episode, naturally I was happy to see Montana back after a 2 or 3 episode break but then realised this was her last episode, I'm sad to see her go, I thought the character Montana Diaz Herrera is/was brilliant and Ayda Field a great actress.

    On a happier note i think Kelsey and Patricia make a great double act, Josh is brilliant as the sweat producing Ryan and Fred W as the scatter brain Marsh is great in all his scenes.
  • 1.11 "The New Boss"

    ... a.k.a Montana Gets Fired ;) and the poor girl actually only pretended she was a Latina just to get a job at the station. But she is still hot! You see this new station manager arrived at the station and she is a very (hmm, lets say intimidating) warm person who likes to hug :D lol, anyway Suzy Nakamura did a fine job palying this annoying woman who fired Monatna Daz Herrera just because Kelly & Chuck did not seem to like her enough when she asked them about every single one of their colleagues. But the best scene in this episode was Ryan telling / more like hinting :D to Montana that she has been laid off. And just so you know Marsh might even be her father. 8,0/10