Back to You

Season 1 Episode 12

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • Chuck and Kelly discover the consequences of telling Gracie about their night together.

    Back to You is another example of the fresh and unique comedies that Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd bring to television. While there has been shows about newstations before, the duo always manages to establish a fine group of characters to separate their show from the rest.

    Kelsey Grammer rose to popularity on Cheers, and then its spinoff Frasier, but he is still able to garner laughs now in his third show. His sarcastic style of humor worked perfectly in this episode.

    The flashbacks brought the rating down for me. They just seemed forced, and it looked like very little thought was put into them. Fred Willard was not very funny in this episode, which is very rare for the actor.

    One of the problems with the show is that viewers are tired of Patricia Heaton at this point. After nearly a decade on Everybody Loves Raymond, her yelling and insulting of her male counterparts just isn't original or funny anymore. Nearly everything that could be done has been done. While her admirer in this episode was funny, that really was not because of her.

    Back to You is still ahead of a lot of the shows on TV, and will remain that way if Kelsey Grammer continues to deliver the laughs, but this episode seemed like it was a filler in order to complete the network's order.
  • Part 3.

    Continued from last week we have part three of Chuck and Kelly's dilemma of telling Gracie that Chuck is her father, when all comes out in the wash Gracie is not happy with both her mother and the fact Chuck is her father, Gracie wants everything to be as it was just her and her mum.

    Chuck try's to talk to Gracie with disastrous results until eventually he buys her a ' win me over ' present in the form of a puppy.

    We also get to see flashbacks of the night New Years Eve 1997 when Gracie would have been conceived.
  • Gives us the backstory showing how Chuck and Kelly spent Chuck's last night in town, and how Gracie came along.

    I still miss the original Gracie but I suppose I'll get used to the new actor in time. She's cute but they've had to turn back the clock to make her fit the role (10 years old instead of 11). I have to wonder why Kelly would put up with Chuck given his behavior not having changed in the last decade, but it's tv so I try not to over-think such things.

    The tribute to John Cusack's role in Say Anything was amusing, having the cougar hunter holding a huge stereo over his head to try to win Kelly's affection was a surprise. It also made sure the doggy will be staying in the house.

    Overall it was funnier than the last episode and still one of the funnier shows on tv, with a lot of unrealized potential.

    Good luck Laura Marana in Nickelodeon's "Ni Hao Kai-lan" animated show.