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Backyard Blitz

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Jamie Durie and team surprise average Australians week after week with incredible (and some not so incredible) backyard garden makeovers.

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AIRED ON 5/28/2006

Season 7 : Episode 11

Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie

Landscape /Designer & Horticulturist

Jody Rigby

Jody Rigby


Nigel Ruck

Nigel Ruck




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Scott Cam


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  • single father needs desperate help

    our dearest friend Charlie (Colin Stevens) is in hospital due to major stroke and brain surgery and has been in a coma and for a while we thought we would lose him. prior to falling ill Charlie had been trying to raise his little girl Alyssa, 5 1/2 years old with no help from her natural mother. All Charlie ever wanted was to be a parent and due to the fact he had been told his whole life he couldn't have children, he was more than over joyed when Alyssa came along. Charlie had tried to clear the clutter in his back yard and even used a bobcat to excavate an old tree and stump so that he could make a play area for Alyssa. we think it is due to the stress and exhaustion that Charlie's stroke could have happened. The hospital says that although Charlie has awoken that he is still on life support and it could be a year or more recovery.

    it would be really lovely if backyard blitz would be able to help achieve what Charlie started cause his heath will never be the same from Nikki, Vince, Deb, Steve and Megs.moreless
  • How do you request a makeover?

    Hey, I've been looking for how to request a makeover and can't find anything anywhere. How does someone do a request?

    Thanks, Jade :)

    We would love the the backyard team to come and do a home and garden makeover an emergency for my kids to have fun in the backyard and a made over house would be fantastic. we watch your show and would love it as l have a disability. please come asap. thank you . kind regards Emma little

  • request to have garden/patio make over.

    Hi there guys,wanted to know if I could request u coming 2 maffra in Victoria 2 make over my back yard 4 my husband 2 be,Greg {wheels} as a surprise, as he is a fire fighter and has been 4 23yrs and with all the fire activity atm and he does slashing program in the winter, he doesn't get work at an aged care facality as a kitchen hand/cook and only get so much time to have been wanting 2 put a hot tub on back verandah and I would just love your expert opinion about what plants 2 have and how 2 4 taking the time 2 read this fond regards lorna michele Le Blancmoreless
  • love your shows, your shows put smile on my face. as my husband always says " when you smile the world is smile with you"


    I remember there was a show more then 10 years ago, this show was extra special to me from my memory it was about this small lady in her 40s in her wheel chair raising her children up, and she had never complain and always smiles. sometimes does not matter how strong a person is the nature still not very forgiving in this episode of show she was almost in the last of her life, but she was still smiling because backyard blitz built her a beautiful home and got some charity found and take care of the children, that was so so sweet.

    this story inspired me, this remind that all mothers are so strong for their children and we still have a strong community support.

    in the end of this review after telling my mum's story I am hoping that backyard blitz would accept my invitation to come to my home to help to built a small Buddha temple for her to pry every day.

    mum was born in china in 1941, when she was 2 she was very sick her father just wanted to throw her away because of food shortage and she was a girl of cause no mother be allow that to happen and my mum was saved. when mum was 7 her father made her walk with him around 40 miles to anther district to found out that she was sold for 50 Yuan, when she was 9 communism sets in the family that mum was in then class as capitalist because they have land and maids, capitalist was as severe as capital punishment after couple of fatal punishment the family fled and left mum and an 11 years old maid where they were, after 7 years of scavenging then 16 years old my father's grandmother adopted her as future granddaughter in law, but in fact mum just treated as maid, and my father was in hong kong then. after married mum didn't get much suport from any one, after she had 4 children in 1971 my dad didn't came home at all. mum used to lock the older 2 boy in bedroom and handed the 2 young children in the bed sheet on the door handle, she went to work at down to 12am to get points for food, during lunch time and diner time she would get her share of food plus the lady whom were serving the food were kind enough to give her extra bowl of rice any chance she could, after 1980 the state divided the land to the people for farming, but there was limit farming tools so we had to share them with others, a woman with oldest boy aged of 14 we had no chance of getting the farm tools, when mum dared to asked could we have a turn of using the tools, she got beaten badly as always when my brothers went to fight them my brothers would rocks throw at them and chased with knifes.

    in 2011 mum had stoke in hong kong, when she was in the hospital she was tied up 24 hours for 3 months, I brought her back in May last year, there was not a day that gone by with out excises and rehab and she is still not talking and walking, but there was not a day that gone by she is not smile and greeting every one.

    in this long journey of even, I think I needed to do something mush more meaning for mum is spiritual people, building a Buddha temple at home will be her greatest joy, but I do please asked for landing hand from Backyard Blitz to fulfill this dram and I will be so proud to present my mum to the world that she is a shining star if back yard blitz would give me a chance. xxxooo Annie