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Bad Couple

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Bad Couple is a romantic comedy television show aired from June 2 to July 22 of 2007. It was aired on the network SBS, Seoul Broadcasting Station. It is about Choi Gi Chan (Ryu Soo Young), a Professor of Botany. Kim Dang Ja (Shin Eun Gyung), a beautiful, successful editor of a fashion magazine, sees that her friend's marriages not working. She doubts she will ever get married, but doesn't want to be alone her whole life. She grows the urge to have a baby despite the fact she opposes marriage. Kim continuously looks for a man with "perfect genes" to have her baby with. Choi Gi Chan happens to be the perfect man and becomes her target. Dang Ja ends up having to persuade him to help her without making any commitments. This will be difficult because Gi Chan believes that sex before marriage is illegitimate. This show runs for a total of 16 episodes.

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AIRED ON 1/6/2010

Season 1 : Episode 16

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