Bad Girls Club

Season 1 Episode 17

Chicken Scratch

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on Oxygen

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  • It's not all Zara's fault!

    In this episode, things are largely focused around Zara who first gets into it with Aimee for leaving her at the club, although 4 girls went, therefore, three girls left her the club. I believe throughout the episode Aimee unfairly picks on Zara throughout the entire episode just simply because she was an easy target. While Aimee, Jodie, Andrea, and JoJo goes out to the Saddle Ranch, the other girls stay back and basically trash the house. Although Kerry and DeAnn are the ones who spread the feathers and who started throwing peanut butter at each other, all the blame and responsibility of cleaning lands on Zara. DeAnn says it due to the fact that the entire thing was Zara's idea, but I think the issue was more so that the mess they made was so big, they didn't want to clean it. I will admit that Zara seems to have a lying problem or something, because its like she'll give you half of the truth but not the rest, and kinda build on that and maybe that's why the girls are finally just sick of her, but in the end its all too much for Zara. She ends up cutting her wrists. A very sad situation indeed, but something I also notice was that Zara drinks entirely too much because its gotten to the point that she seems kinda tipsy when she isn't even drinking which means she needs AA in my opinion. Hopefully she gets the help she needs, but it was interesting to watch most definitely.