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Tuesday 8:00 PM on OxygenBetween Seasons

Episode 4/28

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    [1]May 1, 2008
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    I really think it was really mean of everyone to team up on Andrea like Cordelia was just some helpless flower that couldn't fend for herself. I mean, first of all, every single girl in the house has talked stuff about everyone else; so what if Andrea blogged about it. If what I saw was correct, the blog was private anyway. She didn't lie and she's entitled to say what she wants to say. On the other hand, you have the girls that talk behind each others backs acting like protectors! And Cordelia finally gets the "cahones" to say something after everyone is on her side? Punk stuff. I really don't like his season anymore, I don't like the hypocracy of the girls and I hate the fact that they team up on the weaker individuals. I wish I was on this season to see if they would try me like that. I guarantee I would've been thrown out of the house. BTW any thoughts on Tanisha getting arrested because of Darlen's fight? Who saw the preview of the girls partying and not worrying about her? That's exactly what I'm talking about.

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    I agree. And her blog was on private, but I think she forgot to log out and then the girls all decided to read her pesonal stuff.

    Tanisha getting arrested was bogus. She was the one that was trying to break the situation up. This season was very volatile.

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