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How Sneaky of Craig...

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    [1]Mar 28, 2008
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    I love it how Craig put Tanisha of all people on bar detail (and Hanna, as well, but in theory and for show, apparently, since I never saw her over there with her) during the lingerie party in the Threesome.... episode. To me, I'd purely observed it as "Oh, this is a lingerie party with sex exuding everywhere you turn from all these scantily-clad individuals -- who are all also slim to skinny -- so we can't have an 'eye sore' around. to fix it. I know! Lemme have Tanisha BEHIND the bar, so she'll be stuck there all night and obscured, so no one will have to see her and be turned off! Problem solved!"

    I'm just saying. I mean, if you put one of your employees on bar duty, put them all on it throughout the course of the night. Do rotations so it will be equal share, if you INSIST upon putting them to that task in the first place. And even if it hadn't been Tanisha, I still find it "odd," being that the girls, yes, work for him, but are also supposed to be the hostesses of this and every party they organize. So therefore, they should have all been able to alternate b/w mingling, making sure people are having a good time and letting their presence be known to the guests.

    But no, instead, you have poor Tanisha stuck there, most likely because she wasn't as "aesthetically pleasing," as I'd said, to the rest of the pack. He might as well have excluded her from the whole thing, period.

    And speaking of Craig, in a more focusing manner, that is, who else got the "vibe" that he was playing for the "other team" (especially with the boa around his neck lol). That's what my sister kept thinking when we saw it. LoL

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    I thought Craig was a little "iffy" in my mind as well until tonight's episode with Cordelia and Andrea. Now I don't know what to think. As for Tanisha on bar duty, I figure she was not that into being at the lingerie party so maybe she volunteered herself to go on bar duty. Then there's the more obiovus reason, and I hate to point it out, but I don't think she wanted to run around in her underwear. I would seriously doubt that she would feel comfortable doing that. I hate to bring up issues of size, but for obvious reasons it is relevant to your points and question. Also, I think that IF they put most of the others behind that bar, they would be so close to the alcohol and so drunk that nothing would get done. I mean who else could do bar duty? Cordelia and Darlen are tremendous lushes and Andrea is to into being focused on Cornelia to make drinks. Then you have Neveen and Hannah who are more responsible, but without Tanisha to tell them what to do, I don't know if they could survive.

    I thought a great point came up in tonight's episode with Tanisha calling Neveen out about "would they be friends if they were not living in the house". I didn't ever expect to see conflict in the hyenas.


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