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    I've never such a cluster of idiots in one place. The Ambers have been minding their own business for the past few weeks and the "Fab" five have just been hateful and mean and childish. There is no way you can justify acting that way to anybody. Amber B. is right when she says that they would be freaking out on her and Amber if they did that to their things, or played jokes like that. You have no reason to touch anybody's materials or things for any kind of reason. The Ambers actually try to make ammends for their actions. Be grown about things and get over it. Such hypocrisy.

    And when did Tiff become such a badass all of a sudden. She sure did change really quickly


    Unless you watch BestDay Ever or you watched this episode you won't know what went down. So the girls go to some crappy place to do a swimsuit contest. Ashley loses the contest and gets extremely upset. While this is happening the MC for the contest accuses Tiff of throwing ice, why you would get upset for this i will never know. Blah Blah Blah I'll cut you. Then Whiteney just completely pulls Amber M's hair for no reason and then the fight. Of course Aliea jumps in on it and is held back. then Amber M(clearly drunk) throws a purse of more hell breaks loose. Tiff and Boston jump her basically and hurt her pretty badly by the looks of the previews. Good Stuff, but pointless, Cookie was just minding her business and having her fun.

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    The Fab 5 completely disgust me. They attack Amber and Cookie all the time for no reason at all. And when they don't want to hang with the Fab 5, the Fab 5 wants to get mad at them. Do you seriously think they want to be around you guys? All they do is act like they're in middle school.

    Like, I was seriously appalled.

    First, Tiffany was acting like a crybaby just because the dude told her to shut up. And she's like cussing him out for no reason when their the ones yelling and he's trying to talk. And then, she thinks she's so big and bad and is all "I'm getting a fu**ing apology tonight, and blah blah blah." GET OVER IT. This whole Bad Girls Club thing went to her head because that's all she talk about. "We're bad b*tches", "Don't mess with the Bad Girls Club" and it's like, "SHUT UP. WE GET IT." And then, after Boston went to the MC, she brings the Amber's up for no reason at all. "We look out for each other. Look at the Ambers. Who do they have?" Or something like that. Shows how much your life in the Bad Girls Club revolves around them.

    And Ailea, for no reason at all, is all "Amber M. is pissing me off SO much." WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO? Just because she isn't paying attention to your whining, you're going to attack her? Just because she's actually having fun? And then she attacks Amber B. for NO REASON. "Where's your friend? She at the bar and you look like an idiot." WHAT THE HELL? Amber M. is pretty much just standing there. Alone. Quietly. And you attack her? That pissed me off so much.

    The whole fight was ridiculous. It's obvious Amber was drunk. So, what was the point of fighting her? Boston grabs her hair, and Ailea decides she's going to do it. And then, when Amber tries to defend herself with a shoe Tiffany starts yelling at her for doing so! I don't know what happened after that, but all I saw was Amber on the ground while Boston and Tiffany were kicking her.


    I hope Amber presses charges. I really do. One of them, I don't care which one, needs to be locked up or something. And I was laughing when Tiffany had the nerve to cry in the previews. You weren't crying when you were attacking Amber...

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    Argh. Thank you. I just don't get it, why are these chicks so angry all the time? I seriously want someone to punch Ailea. I'm so sick of her saying she is going to "break someone's face" or "f*ck someone's world up" really? REALLY? I would LOVE to see that. I would LOVE to see her try that on any one of them. So yeah, Ailea is definitely my most hated, but Ashley is a close second. She looks like a man and her boob job is soooo horrible lol. I don't understand why she is always taking her top off, yuck. Sara isn't as bad as those 2 but has nothing going for her but her boobs...and who really cares? Boston needs to stop talking about Boston. It's effing Boston...Tiffany I don't quite understand where her anger comes from...she seems to be trying to prove something...ugh

    And yeah, I think Amber might have overreacted a little about the purse...but if Boston didn't even apologize or offer to help clean it, I guess I would be angry too. It was the attitude they had about it, not the actually spilling of the drink.

    I hope little Amber presses charges too. Poor thing. She did absolutely nothing wrong, and for them to be angry at her for standing up for herself is complete BS. I seriously hate the "Fab 5" and I hope they ended up spending a few days in a Mexican jail...
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    Ditto to everything everyone said
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    I am so pleased to read all of these posts. I have been watching this show since season two and I am so disgusted by the five idiots on this season that it's not even funny. At first they seemed ok. You know as ok as "Bad Girls" ever are. But then it seemed like out of nowhere they all turned into a bunch of grade school idiots!!! the funny thing is at first I understood why they were annoyed by The Ambers cuz they sorta annoyed me too, but ever since they all ganged up and decided to confront them and Ailea was all "Prepare for the HURRICANE!!!" I was like "What the FLIP is this?!" Ailea couldn't hurt a piece of lint and yet she's always up in someones face talking about breaking a face?! Whatever, man!! I mean ok The Ambers talk trash but who doesn't in that house? And whatever it is that Ashley told them all seems to be what started most of all this, and she is the main one who obviously just wants to be with the majority in the house. But anyway, I have always found it so interesting that when chicks who obviously wouldn't gang up on a flea if they didn't have a gang behind them decide to act like they're gonna attack someone. The main two in this group who I'm talking bout are Ashley and Ailea. Especially Ailea. If she didn't have those other four idiots backing her anyone can see that she wouldn't have been jumping on that bed getting in Cookie's face. And I would put everything i got on that! And Ashley seems to be just a trash talker to cuz if she really felt like The Ambers were lying about whatever they said to her about everyone she shoulda just went and told them herself, instead of getting everyone involved. I dont even claim to be a bad girl but if I got ish to say to somebody I can do it on my own not drag every friend i have with me to do it. These girls are all full of crap and not until i see one of them do something one on one will i ever look at them as anything but a bunch of wimpy instigating idiots.

    But that's just me ranting.

    About the episode: 100% agree with EVERYONE HERE! That whole fight was absolutely uncalled for and idiotic. And I mean God! Cookie has the nerve to dance and have fun in a club! HOW DARE SHE, RIGHT?! I mean how dare she dance around and have a good time while the group of girls who make her life a living H*** in the house are mad-cuz obviously she should be mad too? I dont think so! I would have done the same thing! And what's even more interesting is that Tiffany is sitting there CRYING cuz the dude told her to shut up and not throw ice?! If you didn't throw ice then you didn't. WHAT ARE YOU CRYING FOR MISS SELF-PROCLAIMED BAD B****?!! I mean come on! My granma is tougher than that! And then Ailea just starts in on Cookie when she walks over and starts yelling at her becuase once again, she's not pissed off that they're pissed off even though they've been treating The Ambers like crap every chance they get! And then Whitney just grabs her hair-which is the copout move for every girl who isn't really a fighter-and then after Cookie retaliates and grabs her hair back the rest of them gang up on her and end up pushing her to the ground and kicking her!!! What the HE**?!!! Anyone with sense can tell that Cookie doesn't need to be beat on by a girl like Tiffany who obviously can beat her up but what does that prove?!! Nothing excpet that Tiffany and all the rest of them are a bunch of immature idiots. I HOPE TO GOD that Amber presses charges! And I agree that it doesn't matter which of the 5 goes but someone needs to! These idiots need a wake up call and if they don't get it right now, then someone seriously needs to beat their A**es, because Tiffany beating on Cookie is like me beating on my ten yr old sister. It's pointless and it was so uncalled for that I wanted to dive into the tv and beat all of their behinds myself! I wish she would press charges but judging by the way this show normally goes she probably won't. The cycle of idiocy with these 5 will more than likely continue...

    P.s. Ditto about the Tiffany crying in the previews! I laughed hysterically when I saw that and was like "Oh don't be crying now!!" Someone needs to beat her down...and Ailea too just for good measure!

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