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    Bad girls thousand eight Let me say this Cordelia,Jenenvencia,Darlin is a disgrace too all women no matter what race they're.Doing things with the food.Doing things in the sink.Taken the spoonage in rubbing it were it don't be long.Putting hot sauce in Taneshia Juice.They didn't even tell the other girls what they did.They just let them eat the food.Use water from the kitchen sink too cook there food.Putting Tampoons were it don't belong.Cordelia put a Tampoon down the toliet.The house smelling like piss.This show was the most horrible show in usa history.They should have cancel this showw.Did they forget kids are watching the show.Now a lot of girls and women my get revenage on another person this way.Darlin that girl can fight like crazy.Hanna was just nothing but talk.Lyric served no purpose on the show.She not as tough as she pretend she is.Lyric came on the show too become famous.On the Bad Girls Club reunion I didn't like what Lyric said too Taneshia about her weight I rather look like Taneshia then Lyric,because Lyric don't have no meat on her bone.The girl don't even have chest or butt.All she has is beauty.Andera was wrong for writing blog about everybody in the house.It should have been said too there face.But everybody makes mistake.Taneshia went too jail because she was black.Taneshia whoop Jenn butt real well that should be her revenage on that girl.Cordelia see herself as a ugly women then that how people going too see her.Throwing a drink in somebody face is just like spitting on them.That all I have to say
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