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"Two for the Price of One"

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    Whitney and Ailea just lied to the police's face about everything. Whitney knew that she kicke Amber in the head, and started the whole altercation and completely lied to get herself out of trouble. I found it funny how fast Ailea threw Whitney under the bus. I luved how while Whitney was ranting about how you should never defend yourself with a shoe, they were playing back the episodes where she was threatning people with her shoes and telling her little stories.

    Tiff owned up to herself and realized how wrong the whole situation was. I'm glad that Whitney went home, that is the rule. The most surprising thing about it was that Amber was still thinking of their well-being. She didn't want them to go to jail, that would be the last thing on my mind after a beat-down

    Ailea is fake and cowardly. Talking s**t all the time, then the minute she gets called out she's all surprised and hurt. Her apology was fake and forced, and the only reason she did it was to save her own behind. In the end it didn't help, and i'm soo happy

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    God, FINALLY. Ailea is seriously a waste of life and for a minute I thought Amber was going to let her stay. She is such an idiot and I am so glad we don't have to look at her dopey face any more. It was ironic that Ailea was so quick to sell out Whitney, leaving her to possibly end up in a Mexican jail, and here is little Amber STILL concerned about what happens to Whitney. After this episode you can see everyone's true colors. Sarah is a heartless b*tch and she doesn't care about anything unless it has a penis Ashley is scum too, but that was obvious from day one. I remember Tiffany being cool in the beginning and I thought it was so weird for her to consider someone like Ailea a "friend." Like, why the hell is she hanging out with these losers? She was brainwashed for a while there but at least she finally saw how ridiculous Boston and Ailea were at the end.

    Boston is so full of crap too. Apparently, pulling hair, ganging up on someone and kicking them while they're down is how they "do it in Boston." Please...she kept talking about using your fists like we do in Boston or whatever, BUT SHE NEVER DID. She just pulled hair and crap...

    God, so stupid. I wish worse had happened to Ailea but at least they are gone. Good episode.
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    Before I say anything else let me just say YES!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!! best episode of the season just cuz some freaking justice was finally served. i was so pleased with the way this turned out that I almost did a little dance...I said almost-I'm not that much of a dweeb. But anyways, enough of that...On to my review...

    So heres my 2 cents on the epi...First of all I find it very interesting that Amber M didn't step in when everyone attacked Cookie. Im not saying that she couldve really helped, but i just thought that that was kind of strange. Other than that it was nice to see that Tiffany felt some remorse and once I actually saw the fight it was clear that she wasnt really beating on Cookie. But at the same time she had no business even grabbing her like she did cuz that is what made everyone rush her. Anyways,
    That doctor was so annoying!!! I mean I know he couldnt speak english but i would've been so frustrated!! She had to tell him like 3 times that she'd been kicked in the face! That wouldv'e pissed me off. But the entire episode just made me hate Ashley more and more. She just keeps going on and on for absolutely no reason talking trash about how she's glad Cookie is sad. Ailea and Sara were the same, but they didn't annoy me as much because like i said b4 chicks like Ashley seem like they just wanna bhe with the majority, because she had absolutely no reason to be so pissed at Cookie! She was just talking ish cuz her group was the majority and she felt like she could do and say what she wanted.

    As for whitney,I gotta say she kinda shocked me. It's not that I particularly thought anything was below her, but at the same time she was just acting so obnoxious it wasn't even funny. So much talk about "We DON'T take off shoes in Boston!!!" and then they show all of the flashbacks of her shoe talk. Sitting at the door talking about that she was waiting for Cookie to come back? Ailea and her attitude about everything that happened just made me sick. I was so pleased when the police finally came and shut them both the heck up!!! When the cops came i knew it was gonna seperate the true "bad girls" from the wannabes. And sure enough it did! Ailea and Whitney both crumbled like the idiots that they truly are and they dug their own garves from then on. I love when the cop tells whitney "one thing is threatening and one thing is aggression!!" I was like TELL HER!!! At the same time I thought it was very funny that Ailea immediately ratted Whitney out after all her talk of what she would do for her friends...yeah right...I love how all the "Bad Girls" ish gets thrown out the window whenever its convenient. Neways basically, Whitney got what she deserved and even when she's leaving she's talking crap about boston and I love how Ailea is crying when she leaves like shes not the first one who outed boston...Sit ya tail down man!!! And then when Whitney leaves they're all talking about that she owes them a whitney and other stupid crap.

    And the funniest thing of all was the fact that Cookie actually gained mad respect for two reasons. 1. she cared about them not going to jail-I wouldnt have given a mouse's tail!!!!-like you said every1. And 2. that she went to the dinner cuz I wouldnt have gon nowhere with them. But it was really nice that Tiff really cared about her and that she examined herself and recognized that the situation was wrong. She gained my favor once again.-notice how i act as if that's what they're all waiting for-And I love that Ailea says that Amber M needs to grow up like she is not the MOST immature one in the group. And I was actually surprised by the fact that Tiff called the meeting that began the most beautiful chain reaction of the entire season. The meeting was so needed and I was SO HAPPY when Tiff called ailea out I was laughing and clapping the whole time she was talking. And then Ailea's all "I don't know why Tiffany called me out...." She's so freaking out of touch. I love the fact that Sara says that Amber M didnt come and talk to her like she had the responsiblity to talk to them!!! They are all so fake and it was delicious to see their whole little "Fab 5" gang dwindled into the "Tired Two" in a matter of minutes. It was wonderfully delightful and I was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPPPYYYY when Amber said "Ailea, I want you to go." Because Ailea's apology was nowhere near sincere and she was so full of crap that it wasn't funny. And seeing Cookie very calmly tell her to leave was the cherry on top of my sundae.

    Basically, this episode was the best one yet for me simply because of the fact that the two chicks that I HATED the most both went home!!! What could be better than that?!!! Nothing so far so so long Boston!!! Keep it real in Boston!!! And as Ailea? I wish she would try to attack someone without a troupe of girls to back her up!!!! cuz we all know she never would!!!! So long you idiotic chicks!! You made my night!!!!

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    Okay, before I talk about this week's episode, I want to say something about last week's.

    Remember when they got the tickets to go? And Ailea is all, "I'm going to have sex with random guys!". I was like, "Are you fu**ing kidding me?". Weren't you the same girl who was acting like baby because she didn't even want to go out on DATES? And THAT is why Ailea is sooo freaking fake. She is such a follower. Just because some of the other girls act like sluts, doesn't me you have to too.

    Moving on.

    Aaaaah. This episode made me so happy. Finally. We don't have to see those two clowns anymore.

    Ailea and Boston act like their so big and bad. You didn't get fight her, you beat her up. There's kind of a difference. And I swear, I wanted to slap Boston across the face. "This is how we do it in Boston. We don't let anyone walk all over us..." SHUT THE HELL UP. She didn't even do anything! Whitney isn't doing anything but embarassing her city and herself.

    I wish Ailea got sent to jail. I really did. She was just acting like she was so proud of herself. And it pissed me off. And she was being a snitch! If you have the balls to gang bang someone, than you should have the balls to stand up to the police. And her "apology" was a bunch of bull. You could tell she didn't mean any of it. Like, I was laughing when she was talking about how she was there to like sort out the right and wrong or something like that. Yeah right. She's such a joke.

    NONE of the girls have tried to do anything for themselves or better themselves while they've been there. And it's seriously sad.

    And Ashley was being such a b*tch. Why should she deserve to cry? She's a follower too. She automatically started hating the Ambers because everyone else did. Everyone in that house is so fake.

    Sarah and Ashely were being sluts. No surprises.

    Tiffany earned a lot fo my respect back. Not all of it, but most of it. I'm glad that she did what she did.

    But, these girls suck. Seriously. This was a waste of a season.

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    Wow, for some reason I thought I was the only one that would hate the "fab five".

    Anyway, this epiosode was very interesting. Can someone please explain why they were mad at Amber M in the first place? She did nothing but dance all night and btw I was a little pissed that Amber B didn't do sh!t to defend her. I agree that Ailea is a big fat follower now I understand why she has no friends outside of this show. I hate the fact that she said that Amber M was only crying for attention it's like please SHUT THE F*CK UP!! All she did was cry for pathetic sh!t in the begining, she's so lame. I think Ailea's apology was full of sh!t even though it was pretty obvious and I'm glad Amber M saw through her crap and I was pretty shocked that Boston didn't do sh!t when Ailea told them that it was Boston who kicked Amber, I mean unless Boston is an idiot, cause it was pretty obvious it was Ailea who told them since she was the only they had talked to at that point. Whatever! I'm glad Tiffany realized that what she/they did was f-ed up and it annoys me that the other girls were feeling like Amber M shouldn't be mad at them for what they did to her like it was justified, I just find that RIDICULOUS!!

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