Bad Girls Club

Season 1 Episode 19

Lord of the Lies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2007 on Oxygen

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  • Jodie was ganged up on and treated unfairly.

    In this episode, we see the basically the results of the conversation that Aimee had with Jodie earlier about Kerry being jealous of and how she'd known it all the time. For some reason the girls ganged up against Jodie on the issue, although I really couldn't find much fault in what Jodie did wrong. First the girls were complaining about her going back and tell people about stuff, but Aimee talks trash about everybody and Kerry did exactly the same thing. Plus if you're told by somebody else that another person has something against you or has said something about you, instead of sitting their stewing over it, I don't see what's wrong the idea of going back and verifying the situation or seeing what's going on. So to me, that was just a big mess that was just unnecessary and I also think the spider named Aimee spun her big web on all of that, and how are you going to be upset that you got caught talking trash about somebody else. I thought the issue was overblown and confusing and mostly Aimee's fault. I'm anticipating the next episode to see what happens. I'm kinda sad that they're about to go home and we'll probably have to wait a few months to see another season, but the show is most definitely worth tuning into.