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  • Abbeville LA finest

    Why do the people say you got accepted for BGC than they call you you send your picture and stuff and have you waiting ! Than they ask you for 299 for membership and you don't get on the show I'm pissed I want answer now! 100
  • Adult bad girls

    You need to have an adult bad girls club, to show these girls what a REAL BAD GIRL IS!!!!

  • I hope somebody in that house beats Judis a** cause she is so stupid and aint no bad girl she is nothing but a pu**y

    I love watching the show but judi is a disgrace to the show because she is not no bad girl cause she is nothing but a huge drunk baby looking for sympathy from everybody but who could feel sorry for a drunken drama starter.
  • WTF? Cant Believe this BS

    I Cant believe people really watch these SKANKS!! Always acting like assholes /badass's etc. And not suprised there ALL fucking slobs, & fake!!!!! And most of them are over weight!!!!!!!!!!!! And think there the shit!!! Lmao what a JOKE .
  • Well well well

    Well the finale was exciting. Flo showed her but off at the elimination. That girl is really crazy. how you going to say someone tricked you when you lied to let me see i think all of them yep. Anyways the girl who won my girl Jennifer woop woop lol she kicked but as for talk about water works. Don't get me wrong but how you going to cry on a stupid puzzle just think for a minute. As for Natalie if she was still on there she would have beatin all of them only if she could get the puzzle this time lol. Even thoe i didnt really like her she was strong too bad she god eliminated lol lets see the reunion.
  • What in the world was they thinking when they made this show?

    It's a shame that they want make shows where women are doing "Good". It's sad how many people in the world like seeing shows make fools out of the viewers with drama of women acting a fool for the camera and the viewers watching. Even those claiming to be "Straight" end up "in homosexual nonsense for the cameras and viewers of the show". They should change the name of the show from the ""Bad Girls Club" to "*** girls club". Some people will do anything for money and fame. It's a shame to see women that could be doing better things with their lives, being on a TV show that is centered around "Drama and fights", making fools out of themselves and looking like "Lesbian porn stars" in the process.

    The show isn't one that represents women in a great way. It's a show that lesbians, bisexual woman and other homosexuals will like. It's a show made basically for women looking and acting like men. There is nothing lady-like at all, hence the words "Bad Girls". There is nothing good about being bad.

    No amount of money or fame should ever be worth women making fools out of themselves looking like trashy lesbians in a show that looks only like a "Lesbian Sorority House". It's sad that people don't get tired of seeing the same mess. They get up in morning, fuss, fight, throw each others beds and clothing in the pool, fuss, fight some more, make out with each other, occasionally make out with men, fuss and fight some more, plot to get each other kicked out, go to the club, drink, act a fool, get drunk, and this goes on day after day. It's no real "Plot" to this dumb show. Just women acting a fool for money and fame on a show they call "Bad girls club". I rate the Bad girls club a 0, but there isn't a zero button in the rating, so the lowest number I can give them is a 1.
  • Atlanta Bad Girls

    This new season is in ATLANTA!! I can't really say anything bad about Bad Girls Club because I watch it everyday on Fios I think it is ok for me to watch it because let's just say i'm older than 14 and younger than 18 and i'm neither 14 or 18 :) This show even tells you how to stand up for yourself or even fight fr what you believe in :) I give it a thumbs up :/ I always wanted to be on Bad Girls Club but I live in Richmond,Virginia nothin special :/ But let me tell you knkow there are thousands of Bad Girls in Richmond,Virginia TRUST ME!!!
  • crack whoes and dealers for moms and dads.

    Pull your skirts down, finish school and study the bible, know Christ and love yourselves more, I'm gonna tell u this, I prayed for accidents for easy money, got incurable pains Medicaid won't pay to heal nor others insurances in fear they will make a mistake and cripple me, been to jail stabbing bitches like you who want to show off and simply protecting my self 10-16 on my own, Hadar mother like u who didn't care. Raped, robbed and abused, sell and used drugs. Now clean no kids and fighting for GED and working hard to get a GED is my goal. Married 3 times. Daddy was an singer, Joe Lewis SR. Is my uncle and aurthur and red prysock is daddy's 3rd cousin. Been in the money al over the world, they were a bit successful and now deceased, except mom, first heart attack on her last leg, I fended for me been their done that willing to live God's way or die, being raped at 10-12 is no fun, homeless trying to find straight loving parent clean and sober to love , recognize and lead me in the correct way and manner an parent should. To be and live like you ..your parents sold you like an slave sold me your dead, get a life. Live humble and seek Christ. Bad girl to me means.."beautiful adults driven, growing intellegantly responsible and loving self. Pull your dresses down, be proud of your ancestors.get educated and mentor a child that is less fortunate, I'm 54, blessed and gone through hell acting like you all at one time, I'm clean and blessed today. And humbally climbing the lords ladder You bitches are turned out by the devil, get god and not drunk. The most I can do for you is pray for deliverance for ya all. I'm no better than any of you, but I tell you this, if I was there and you popped off on me I'd. Crack your jaw and catch a charge or I'd. Be in jail for stabbing more than 4 who try to jump me. Ain't that much t.v. showing off in the world, y'all just another Jerry Springer to me stupid!

  • OMG REALLY!!!!!!!!

  • Tune in or POP OFF!!!

    Now the past few seasons haven't really delivered like Season 2 did back in 08, but this is still a good show. 3rd Season was ok, but it wasn't much. Liked Season 4. Flo n Natalie made that Season more watchable. 5th Season was decent. Only thing that sucked was too many girls left, and that's what making the show crappy now. Too many of the girls that get on r either privileged n spoiled. Not much hardcore girls make it on, Yea, it's good 2 mix up the cast, but it's like having Nachos without the meat in the cheese dip. Now Season 2 had Tanisha, Darlen, Cordelia (The meat of that season) The rest were at least meat too, but were the cheese in that season. Now this current season is iight so far. Seeing they wanna try a season with younger girls along with 1 girl over 25, and c if the 25+ girl is really mature.
  • I am hooked for all the wrong reasons.

    I am kind of happy and sad that K.C left. Happy cuz she's too dramatic, and sad cuz I know she needs help with controlling her emotions. I commend Tiff, she reminds me of me in so many ways,calm,cool,& collective until u step on my toes then its ova. I dont like Boston she acts like Boston gets it popping like that and I'm one who knows. I have family in boston & everytime they get into it they call me. The biggest punks reside in Boston. She puts on a front like she's the baddest B***h & I feel bad for her cuz she's just embarrassing herself.
  • Hahaha glad the 2 "jokes" of the group is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love love the show!!! All the drama!!! hmm however I'm so happy Ailea is gone now....Hate her she wouldnt make it 1 day I'm from!!! I hope never to meet her on the streets I'd be her worst nightmare hahaha....Dumb Little Girl!!!!!!!! And Boston is ughhh no one cares ur from boston get over it!!! Why is everything coming out her mouth about " Boston"???
    Come to Philly and chill for a nite u wouldnt make it out there!!! I have a new found respect for tiffany she owned up that what the other 2 girls did was wrong!! Finally someone stands up and says it was WRONG!!!!
  • Can't believe this show, they ain't no bad girls but a group of inconsiderate lowlives.

    Can't believe this show, they ain't no bad girls but a group of inconsiderate lowlives. Can't see any bad girl sisterhood here. Bad Show for young kids to watch,period. I am blocking this show for good. This show does not promote any good virtue and promote bullying each other by all means. Educated ones will just change channel to a better educated one. Can't believe this show, they ain't no bad girls but a group of inconsiderate lowlives. Can't see any bad girl sisterhood here. Bad Show for young kids to watch,period. I am blocking this show for good. This show does not promote any good virtue and promote bullying each other by all means. Educated ones will just change channel to a better educated one.
  • I am watchin the old episodes today b/c nothing else is on. Maybe i should have been watching it the whole time!

    I havent watched this season as i did the others, i think these group of "bad girls" are a bit of wanna bes!! whitney "boston" is nerve rackin she thinks she runs the show and is the top dog, im from boston, im from boston, blah blah blah, come on over to the country 'B' boston puts me in mind of a dog.. a dog that barks that much is not gonna bite, also they all had time to actually hit someone, but time after time they threat and shove ppl knowing that someone else from the show is gonna hold them back! get a life.. I am also sick and tired of hearing "i am from the hood gosh hush bout it and make changes! I like Tiff she seems to know what is going on! She has Kaylas number! Kayla what did you say not once not twice but "i thought that since we were both black we would click" WHAT rewind that, yep thats what i thought she said, a bit Prejudice are you! had one of the other ladies said, "when i saw the other white girls i knew we would click" it would have been over right then! the ambers are not as dumb as they claim/act to be..can we say attention attention attention!! Ailea get over it, amber wasnt being racist! she is just dumb or seeking attention anyway! Ailea is pretty but stupid! Kayla you dont even live with your mom so dont tell someone else they need too. you grandma kicked you out!
  • A RIDICULOUSLY sassy show thats a must watch. It has all the REAL drama, fights, and sexy girls you can ask for. Beware, if you are a smoker, you'll chain smoke. If you dont smoke, you might end up smoking. Cause they girls are a nicotine fit.

    7 BAD ass girls living under one roof. Things are sassy. There are the two ambers, which are fabulous. They are blonde. Kayla, the annoying black ni66a she got sent home after one of the Ambers chocked locked her. It was really funny. Sarah - She has a scar on her forehead that drives me nuts, but overall she is laid back. Aliyah or however you spell it, is dating some nasty ass old man and she is a big ass moaner. She is a cry baby and she needs slutsmacked. Boston. lmfao. she thinks shes a hard ass. Tiffany. She is a chain smoker. Whats not to love ?
  • i love this show i have my mother and my teen age sisters watching too! keep it going for a few years or do one for teenage drop out bad girls. my sister would be perfect for this show!!!

    i stared watching this show last december. i absolutly love. it reminds me of my home town. i love this show i have my mother and my teen age sisters watching too! keep it going for a few years or do one for teenage drop out bad girls. my sister would be perfect for this show!!! i think that tanisha is a fake. cordilla is a tramp neveen is annoying andrea is in for a treat anyways you need to keep this one going. and do a live feed so that we can qnytime of the day just for fun.
  • I FRICKEN LOVE THIS rocks and anyone hatin on it can watch somethin else!!!!!! (u suk)

    one of my best friends recently introduced me to The Bad Girls Club...and I fell in Love with it by the first episode i watched. I absolutely love all the drama and all the girls in the house. They each bring something to the show to really make it crazy, off the wall, and just the perfect show for me...although my boyfriend will watch it with me every now and then too (i think he secretly likes this show too) I am always so excited for a new episode---I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!! I can't even explain how much lol
    My 2 favorite characters are codelia and hanna 4 sure-they r for sure a couple of the coolest chiks in the house :)
  • please don't hate me.

    but...i love this show! i go straight to the tv and look if it on! i am obsessed with it! i think about it all the time! please don't hate me. it is the best show to me. i just can't get enough of it. this show makes me think. i can't get enough of it! i feel like i know the people on the show. they are so cool. i am so jealous. they are number # 1 to me. i just can't live without this show. i love the beginning too! this is the best show to me. thank you.
  • I'm a little confused with the title of the show. I thought it was about bad girls not low lives.

    I'm a little confused with the title of the show. I thought it was about bad girls not low lives. To be a bad girl is not something u choose to be it is a stigma that labels u and other people label u as, you can't choose it. Some of the girls r bad girls but for the most part they r the lowest of low lives. The name of the show should have been Low Life Dirty Sluts. I think that is a more appropriate name for the show, not The Bad Girls Club. At least name it right.
  • I will not watch this show until Tanisha is GONE She makes me sick. Just the way that she talks. And the only reason anyone even associates with her is because they are afraid of her. I wish Cordelia would kick her butt. I'd pay to watch that episode.

    Tanisha has to be the real reason the word 'GHETTO' is used when speaking about some women. I could never imagine her being anything but a cheap trashy fat person who doesn't care about what anyone thinks about her obviously. I feel badly for her family. Imagine how they feel when they see her on that show. How humiliating for them. I grew up in what some people would call 'the ghetto' and everyone that acted and spoke to other's like she does, is either in jail or on welfare, or they are dead. All she does is talk about how people do not show her respect, but she never shows anyone any type of real respect. Who does she think she is talking about Cordelia haing someone buy her something, she can't even keep a job. I can't make up my m ind if I think she needs a good butt-kickin' or a shrink to help her learn how to be a real woman. Maybe she needs both.She needs to be put into her place, and I know some people that would love to do it. She gives all of the women in Brooklyn a very bad name. If I lived there I would hunt ehr down like the IGNORANT COW that she really is and show her what respect adn a real Brooklyn woman really are. I would bet everything I own that she will never make it on the Big Screen or even TV.
  • There is a little of each of these women in all of us. It surprised me, while watching, how I came to like some of the characters who first annoyed me, and vice versa. Note to producers: how about the women start a business together next season!?!

    All in all, the entertaining piece for me was watching the house dynamics, and seeing who stirred the pot, who just had to be the center of attention, etc. My all-time favorite on this show was Leslie. I really think Leslie was the most REAL and balanced woman of the house, though she left too soon, because she still had a lot to learn about stepping outside of her comfort zone and facing some of her fears. I can certainly sympathize with any woman's choice to leave that house though, since the majority of the girls/women drank their time away. The one character who I really didn't like in the beginning, but grew to appreciate, was Amy, for her tenacity of spirit and willingness to say what she's thinking. The glaring shortcoming to this show is the absolute lack of structure in these women's days - they just sit around and do nothing but booze it up for every show. Why not have them start a business, or do something proactive together as a group, so that they can still learn to work through their difficult interpersonal dynamics, but in a productive way???
  • Guilty Pleasure

    I'm not really into reality shows all that much. But this show I have watched and have like every episode so far. I am really having a hard time deciding rather to watch the episode after next weeks episode, because then my two favorite characters Ty and Leslie are/will be gone. But other than that a pretty good show I guess. I rather watch this than say, The Apprentice, The Amazing race, The Real World, Pimp my ride. I love new York, Flava of Love, and all the other reality shows that doesn't seem to ever catch my interest at all, and no offense if some of those shows are your favorite.
  • amy is a big phony and she is always talking smack aobut someone . if you saw her on tara banks and the confornted her she had little so say. she comes off like she is the baddest **** ever but she seem pretty angry to me. she always has something to say

    amy or whatever always has something to say.if you have notice every arguement in the house always starts becasue of what she says she is a scarry back stabber. she throws rocks and hides her hands. she always has everyone mad at each other and then when they question her she always acts like she has no idea what is going on . the butt kicking she got was well desereved. to bad ty had to leave for it. all i know is that amy is the biggest scary cat i know and all she does is blow air. yea
  • I HATE Aimee. The girls in the house are so mean to Zara, because she is easy to blame stuff on. Zara is easy prey, so thats the REAL reason Aimee messes with her.

    I feel so sorry for Zara. The episode with the pillow fight, poor little Carrie and Deanne should have been cleaning the feathers up too, even if it was Zara's idea. Deanne should know if you contribute to a mess, you are just as responsible to clean it up. You'd think she'd know that being a so called mother. The new girls need to "break the shoe in" before they go trying to run the house. Carrie is so fake, its almost funny, shes only on the side thats winning. To Jodys face, she likes her, but behind her back, she makes fun, just like she does to Zara. Ohhh and Aimee needs to stop saying that shes going to kick somebodys ass because we all saw her fight with Ty, and for reference, having your head down in a fight doesn't get you anywhere. All aimee can do is slap like a three year old. I am disgusted by her. Go back to your cult you freak! And take your 3 inch thick eyeliner and nappy hair with you!:)
  • A group of girls living in the same house who are suppose to be kinda in rehabilitating that ways and attitudes, but can they, will they, or is it simply good entertainment to watch a group of people fight and argue over everything?

    I always like watching this show. It never fells to entertain me. Most of the girls on the show have or are making bad choices in their life, have felonies, or are seriously in the house in order to make a change. I will say that it seems that most of the girls stir up drama more than anything, but there are about 3 or 4 who seem to be determine to change their life and are making efforts to change the life. Overall, this show chronicles the lives of a group of girls who are searching for their niche in life and just trying to make a turn-around for something better on a long-term basis. I believe that this is the premise for the show, but not all the girls give off that vibe. Some are there, it seems, to supply a bunch of drama and repeat over and over their stance that they are not going to change, but I believe it still can serve as an informative show for those who are experiencing the same thing. I still like the show, although at times I really can't get a feel for what the producers are trying to portray with this show. Anyway, I still like it and if its on, then I'm watching it.
  • Supremely more entertaining than "The Real World."

    At first glance, one might perceive this new show to be nothing more than a new version of "Girls Gone Wild!", as the seven women involved seem to be nothing more than party animals.

    However, after watching just one episode (especially the first one), that notion is instantly evaporated. Every last one of these girls, these "bad girls" live up to their title, with all of the partying, boy-hopping, insults and catfights that one or all of them perpetrate on a weekly basis.

    Regardless, whether or not you are a fan of reality tv, you will still find this show's attractive appeal to be too hard to resist.
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