Bad Girls Club

Tuesday 8:00 PM on Oxygen Premiered Dec 05, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Tune in or POP OFF!!!

    Now the past few seasons haven't really delivered like Season 2 did back in 08, but this is still a good show. 3rd Season was ok, but it wasn't much. Liked Season 4. Flo n Natalie made that Season more watchable. 5th Season was decent. Only thing that sucked was too many girls left, and that's what making the show crappy now. Too many of the girls that get on r either privileged n spoiled. Not much hardcore girls make it on, Yea, it's good 2 mix up the cast, but it's like having Nachos without the meat in the cheese dip. Now Season 2 had Tanisha, Darlen, Cordelia (The meat of that season) The rest were at least meat too, but were the cheese in that season. Now this current season is iight so far. Seeing they wanna try a season with younger girls along with 1 girl over 25, and c if the 25+ girl is really mature.