Bad Girls Club

Season 1 Episode 16

Rocky Road

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2007 on Oxygen

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  • The new bad girls have moved and lines are already being drawled.

    Well, one of the most significant things that occurred in this episode is that the old girls meet the new girls, Andrea and JoAnna and they seem to live up to label bad girls. JoAnna is a "self-proclaimed" gold-digger who works as a go-go dancer and doesn't care what anybody thinks about it. Andrea is from Highpoint, NC who says she isn't a very sensitive person, not very lovey-dovey, but overall a very forward person. The two girls actually show up @ the house while the other girls are out together bonding making wine. While the other girls are the way, the new girls actually go through some of the other girls stuff and starts drinking their wine which the old girls discover when they arrive back home. Automatically their is tension over that situation. Zara shows the new girls her photo-book just to kind of show them what they are getting into, but throughout the majority of the show, its the new girls vs. the old girls. Jodie actually models in a show during this episode but I don't think its going to be a long-term gig, neither does Aimee. Overall, it was a very good show. As I said in another review, the episode gives you what you love from the previous shows, but the new roommates are the new features to the show and I guess in the long run we'll find out how the dynamics work out in the house, but its an episode most definitely worth watching.
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