Bad Girls Club

Season 1 Episode 12

She Said, She Said

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on Oxygen

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  • More drama with Tomick or whatever the poor excuse for a man calls himself, ensued throughout the episode. Aimee and Zara got into a little tiff due to their amazing ability to spread the word about what "she" said.

    As usual Aimee was her usual "I don't give a F#$%^ what people think about me, but really do" self and most of the house seemed to "team up" as Jodie put it, on one perso. That one person mainly being Zara. Personally I believe that Zara is just a girl who wanted to "make things right". Maybe gain a more personal relationship with Carrie and Jodie by emphasizing what was said by the ever melodramatic Aimee, and yes, it blew up in her face. I think Zara must learn that these girls will turn on her in a minute, if it so pleases and or benefits them. That usually is the case with the human race, sadly enough. my heart is with you Zara. I love the show because it tackles the everyday feats us girls must encounter no matter how pety or self absorbing, it is all apart of our lives and this show seems to encapsulate a bit of that. As far as Tomick, Zara and Aimee go... Aimee seems to be a caniving begger of attention, and attempts to get that attention by making fun of Zara for seeing a good guy in Tomick. Tomick is just not a man at all. Seems like he has more of a third graders's level of intelligence, especially when he spit towards Zara. Who does that but people who are digusting, ugly and not pleased with themselves at all. He is a discgrace to the human race. As Aimee put it, "I feel sorry for Zara", and yes, as do I, but only for the fact that she gave that ridiculous moron the time of day. Seems to me that the guy likes to take it in the butt, and decided to get his face on national television(The Bad Girls Club) because he can't except the fact that he likes anal.
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