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Bad Girls

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Bad Girls introduced viewers to the real world of female inmates inside HMP Larkhall. Full of corrupt officers, vying prisoners and tragic lives, the prison is also unexpectantly a source of joy and comfort, with strong friendships, kind officers and a lot of laughs!

    News Briefs: John Stamos Is Returning to TV (Slow News Day)

    Plus: Tom Berenger books a Fox pilot, Comedy Central and Amy Poehler hook up for a series, and Arrow promotes a star to regular status.


    Hope Springs for BBC

  • Charlotte Lucas

    Charlotte Lucas

    Selena Geeson (Series 5-6)

    Jennifer Ness

    Jennifer Ness

    Kris Yates (Series 5-6)

    Michael Elwyn

    Michael Elwyn

    Rev. Henry Mills (Series 4-5)

    Paul Opacic

    Paul Opacic

    Mark Waddle (Series 3-4)

    Sharon Duncan-Brewster

    Sharon Duncan-Brewster

    Crystal Gordon (Series 1-2, 3-4)

    Siobhan McCarthy

    Siobhan McCarthy

    Roisin Connor (Series 4)

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    • One of the best Dramas out there

      Bad girls is a close to a PCBH revival, PCBH fans have got. Bad Girls take the successful recipie PCBH used and reinvents for a new age. Following the trend of being controversial and close to the knuckle Bad Girls goes one step further, polishing up and perfecting many ideas pioneered by shows like PCBH. Such as the hard by the book screw (Silvia/Vinegar Vera) The evil Screw (Fenner/Jock Stewart/The Freak)and the hard but fair top dog (Bea Smith/Yvonne Atkins). Bad Girls doesn't come across as a rip-off but as a glorious tribute. Mixed in are all the essential charecters that come and go but are never forgotton. This show had be cheering and crying and dying to see the next episode. It was a travesty to cancel this show, a show that still had strong ratings and a huge fan base when ITV axed it.moreless
    • a show documenting what life is like inside Larkhall Prison bringing plenty of drama, horrible experiences, even tragedy, but also surprisingly strong friendships and bonds, joy and comfort, helping hands, and even love.moreless

      first of all i want to say i discoverd this show on the Logo channel probably towards the beginning of this past summer. i started watching it almost from the first episode and became hooked instantly. i even have looked into buying the dvd's so i can watch them all. however, since the show is not on dvd in region 2 format yet, i'd have to buy them from another country, which means i'd have to buy a multi region dvd player to watch them. anyway, i loved Helen. i think she's great, and a kind hearted person who obviously cares about the inmates, let alone winds up falling for one. i hated when her and Nikki Wade split up. however, they put this show on the Logo channel because of the homosexual subtext in it, but for this to be a lesbian based show, i find it a bit funny since i'm currently on season three, and so far the only lesbian couples i've really seen are Shell and Denny, Denny and Shaz, and Helen and Nikki...that's if you're not counting mad Tessa. personally, i also hate Jim Fenner. i wish something bad would happen to him and that he'd go away, he annoys me. i used to not like Shell. it comes and goes. she does stir up quite a bit of trouble and sometimes i think she needs her a** kicked, but she did start to grow on me, probably even moreso after she tried to kill Jim. Nikki is one of my favorites as well as Hellen. i think Miss Bess is cool too but i think she needs to open her eyes a bit more. Sylvia annoys me too because she always thinks she's all holier than thou and above any kind of power. she basically thinks she runs the place, and she's just mean. i didn't like Denny at first because she came off as a bada** bully, but that seemed to just go away after a few episodes. overall i think the show is a great look at what prison life might be like. obviously since it's British there are different things than what we would expect to see in America. for example, are prisoners really allowed to walk around as they please in there, and smoke and do whatever they want basically?moreless
    • One of the best shows on TV until it jumped the shark in season 5 and went downhill fast.

      Bad Girls started off as a hard hitting drama about real issues in prisons. It tackled subjects such as suicide, drug use, bullying and abuse of power. It even had the support of the Home Office and Prison Service and is still, to this day, credited with one of the most believable and best acted lesbian storylines on TV.

      It was after this storyline came to an end that the show jumped the shark and went downhill fast.

      Around season 5 the storylines becoming something that even soap writers would laugh at as unbelieveable. It became a hammy, cheap, rip off of Shed Productions other program - Footballers' Wives.

      If you like watching gritty well acted drama - watch the first 3 seasons.

      If you like watching enjoyable average drama - watch seasons 3-5.

      If you like watching over the top, escapist soap opera style programs - watch season 5-8.moreless
    • Move out of the way Bad Boys, because the BAD GIRLS are coming to town!!!

      Wow you want to talk about BAD, believe me when you watch this crazy show you'll definately see BAD!!! You have girls trapped in prison and gaurds which equals one thing....drama! Honestly I just got into this show not to long ago, but I definately cant take my eyes off of it. You'll get all the ingrediants that makes a show, fights, hook-ups, drama, and death. Which makes this show the ultimate BAD GIRLS show ever!! A definate must watch for anyone!!!moreless
    • Wooh- Bad Girls!

      Bad Girls is an ITV prison drama set in a prison called Larkhall, (in London) - there have been many deaths, kdnappers, lesbians, gays, Break for its and returns from the dead!. The x-mas special on Wednesday 20th December will be the most conversional, dramatic episode of the series!. As the decomposed body of Natalie Buxton causes a blockage in the drain and mysterious things are happening at larkhall! - A hand sticks out of the toilet! - and even she makes a ghostly return!. Meanwhile, Janine goes into labour forcing Bev to be the midwife! and finally, its a tragic end for the show as this episode is the last ever one!.moreless
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