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  • One of the best Dramas out there

    Bad girls is a close to a PCBH revival, PCBH fans have got. Bad Girls take the successful recipie PCBH used and reinvents for a new age. Following the trend of being controversial and close to the knuckle Bad Girls goes one step further, polishing up and perfecting many ideas pioneered by shows like PCBH. Such as the hard by the book screw (Silvia/Vinegar Vera) The evil Screw (Fenner/Jock Stewart/The Freak)and the hard but fair top dog (Bea Smith/Yvonne Atkins). Bad Girls doesn't come across as a rip-off but as a glorious tribute. Mixed in are all the essential charecters that come and go but are never forgotton. This show had be cheering and crying and dying to see the next episode. It was a travesty to cancel this show, a show that still had strong ratings and a huge fan base when ITV axed it.
  • a show documenting what life is like inside Larkhall Prison bringing plenty of drama, horrible experiences, even tragedy, but also surprisingly strong friendships and bonds, joy and comfort, helping hands, and even love.

    first of all i want to say i discoverd this show on the Logo channel probably towards the beginning of this past summer. i started watching it almost from the first episode and became hooked instantly. i even have looked into buying the dvd's so i can watch them all. however, since the show is not on dvd in region 2 format yet, i'd have to buy them from another country, which means i'd have to buy a multi region dvd player to watch them. anyway, i loved Helen. i think she's great, and a kind hearted person who obviously cares about the inmates, let alone winds up falling for one. i hated when her and Nikki Wade split up. however, they put this show on the Logo channel because of the homosexual subtext in it, but for this to be a lesbian based show, i find it a bit funny since i'm currently on season three, and so far the only lesbian couples i've really seen are Shell and Denny, Denny and Shaz, and Helen and Nikki...that's if you're not counting mad Tessa. personally, i also hate Jim Fenner. i wish something bad would happen to him and that he'd go away, he annoys me. i used to not like Shell. it comes and goes. she does stir up quite a bit of trouble and sometimes i think she needs her a** kicked, but she did start to grow on me, probably even moreso after she tried to kill Jim. Nikki is one of my favorites as well as Hellen. i think Miss Bess is cool too but i think she needs to open her eyes a bit more. Sylvia annoys me too because she always thinks she's all holier than thou and above any kind of power. she basically thinks she runs the place, and she's just mean. i didn't like Denny at first because she came off as a bada** bully, but that seemed to just go away after a few episodes. overall i think the show is a great look at what prison life might be like. obviously since it's British there are different things than what we would expect to see in America. for example, are prisoners really allowed to walk around as they please in there, and smoke and do whatever they want basically?
  • One of the best shows on TV until it jumped the shark in season 5 and went downhill fast.

    Bad Girls started off as a hard hitting drama about real issues in prisons. It tackled subjects such as suicide, drug use, bullying and abuse of power. It even had the support of the Home Office and Prison Service and is still, to this day, credited with one of the most believable and best acted lesbian storylines on TV.

    It was after this storyline came to an end that the show jumped the shark and went downhill fast.

    Around season 5 the storylines becoming something that even soap writers would laugh at as unbelieveable. It became a hammy, cheap, rip off of Shed Productions other program - Footballers' Wives.

    If you like watching gritty well acted drama - watch the first 3 seasons.

    If you like watching enjoyable average drama - watch seasons 3-5.

    If you like watching over the top, escapist soap opera style programs - watch season 5-8.
  • Move out of the way Bad Boys, because the BAD GIRLS are coming to town!!!

    Wow you want to talk about BAD, believe me when you watch this crazy show you'll definately see BAD!!! You have girls trapped in prison and gaurds which equals one thing....drama! Honestly I just got into this show not to long ago, but I definately cant take my eyes off of it. You'll get all the ingrediants that makes a show, fights, hook-ups, drama, and death. Which makes this show the ultimate BAD GIRLS show ever!! A definate must watch for anyone!!!
  • Wooh- Bad Girls!

    Bad Girls is an ITV prison drama set in a prison called Larkhall, (in London) - there have been many deaths, kdnappers, lesbians, gays, Break for its and returns from the dead!. The x-mas special on Wednesday 20th December will be the most conversional, dramatic episode of the series!. As the decomposed body of Natalie Buxton causes a blockage in the drain and mysterious things are happening at larkhall! - A hand sticks out of the toilet! - and even she makes a ghostly return!. Meanwhile, Janine goes into labour forcing Bev to be the midwife! and finally, its a tragic end for the show as this episode is the last ever one!.
  • Shame it only stays on t.v for a couple of weeks then goes off then comes back on.

    Bad Girls...

    This show is excellent !!!!
    When it comes on the adverts saying "Brand new Bad Girls start this thursday at 9 " for example i wait in anticipation until the program actually starts thinking in my head ohhh i wonder whats going to happen in these episodes !!!!

    It gives people the inside story of what prison is really like.. When the "screws" (as there called) get into relationships with the "cons" (as their called) it keeps me on my toes wondering if they are going to get caught or something like that.

    Every episode is different and the "cons" always find some way to annoy the "screws" or to smuggle drugs into the prison.

    Your sincerly Kandice ...
  • This show is great!!!!!

    Bad Girls has definitely got better on not every season but every episode!!! Each episode gets really exciting and suspenseful as a new problem comes in and causes havoc in G-wing. I think the fued between Pat Kerrington and Natalie Buxton is quite physical and makes you get nervous on what they will do next. When you watch one episode of this show and then they show you a preview for the next you know that you have to watch it. I didn't really watch the firat couple of series but then it started to get even better so I watched for a couple of episodes and then I got addicted. You would be MAD not to like Bad Girls, its a brill show!!!!!
  • Its like Emmerdale but scarier

    Edventualy, something to keep me on the edge of my seat. I love this show, i first watched in 2000 and thort\\\" Needs Improving\\\", then in 2003/2004 i watched it again and it just got better and better and better and bett (E.C) I MUST WATCH SHOW!!!!!
    The new sieris is not very good, but it is still thrilling and entertaining. I think this must be watched as it is an adventurus show and leads to a lot of veilence.

    I think it should be the best show by 2009 as it gets better and better every week. :D My favourate show/// :O
  • Bad Girls is a show set in the fictional womans prisonm HMP Larkhall. It follows the lives of the inmates and what they have to do to surrvive life on the inside. It also follows the officers and shows you what the officers are able to get away with.

    Bad Girls

    This is a show that has gone from strength to strength in the 7 longs years it has been on uk screens. It is put together so great by the makers that once an episode starts you feel like you're sucked straight into the life of Larkhall and you feel a connection to the characters.

    The storylines that are shown on Bad Girls are so beliveable and har hitting to watch even though they can be a bit OTT. It's a show that relates and appeals to all ages and is getting better every series.

    So if you want to see some hard gitting drama then look no futher than Bad Girls.

    So Go On Watch It !!!

  • HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain. Seb tries to support her and tells her there is nothing Hyde can do about it anyway as long as she gets enough votes.

    HE is worried that prinsiple Hyde will not want her to be the School Captain. Seb tries to support her and tells her there is nothing Hyde can do about it anyway as long as she gets enough votes, because that only means everyone want her to be the School Captain. They tells him and Seb that she has lost the baby.
  • Gritty, realistic and thought provoking drama


    Whether you're gay/bisexual or straight, sexuality plays no part to the enjoyment of the show. Instead of most dramas that are either sugar-coated or exaggeratedly horrific; Bad Girls is a drama that shows you what women go through in their prison life. We see the hardships mothers go through to see their children and we learn about the true nature of injustice and bent coppers. Give it a watch and you won't be disappointed. I give it five stars.
  • British Prison Drama

    A cutting-edge drama showing the trials and tribulations of a collection of women prisoners and the officers that try to control them. Interesting and addictive, each week gives a slightly different view of life behind bars. From the murdering Jim Fenner, to the obsessive Di Barker, the characters portray all the situations and emotions possible.
  • Love it!

    This is the first drama i've seen that really tells it like it is. The women in G wing aren't all murdering, shaven headed menaces, there really are some genuinly loveable characters in there. The thing the creators of bad girls have been very clever in doing is making sure that instead of black and white/ good guys, bad guys, there are characters that do disgusting and evil things and yet they are still loveable, such as shell dockley and jim fenner. I'm a self confessed addict!!
  • Bad Girls is a highly acclaimed original controversial ITV womons prison drama. It follows the lives of the female prisoners of HMP Larkhall's infamous G-wing. And shows you waht they have to do to survive the inside life. An

    Bad Girls is such a decent show that i\'ve ever a episode,. so if you haven\'t watched it before why not.

    It\'s cast members are such well developed actors/actresses . the storylines are so strong and deep hearted that you\'ll be gripped for every second it\'s on.

  • A great drama set in the prison of Larkhall

    Bad Girls is a brilliant show that hasnow been running for 7 series's. Its set inside a womans prison but the programma is about the prisoners and the screws. It delves into the past of characters, and their gritty lives, as they have all got a story to tell.
    The good thing about bad girls is that if you have never seen it before you can start watching it from any sereis because you wouldnt get confused. However in my personal opinion, Series 1-4 are the best to watch. The have the right amount of drama and comedy that a show like this needs.
  • this programm is off the hook

    bad girls gets better and better every episode and all way leaves you wanting more. It has got alot better now Kerrigan is in there sterring things up for the others espesialy Buxton who needs a good slap. It is deffiatly the best program on tv and it always makes me want more i can't wait till the crimbo special
  • Set in the G-Wing at Larkhall womens prison

    Great show and finaly Jim Fenner got what he deserves but it is so bad for Di as she is being blamed for his murder when Julie J did it but they cant take her confession because she is having a mental breakdown or something. I cant wait for next season to start so that we cant see what will happen with Di and between Pat and Sheena.
  • Excellent show!

    Why can't we in the US have such terrific shows like this? Shoot, even when we are handed the entire idea and copy a great UK show,it still pales in comparison. Thankfully we have DVDs now and I can enjoy this show in it's original form. Great cast and Great drama.
  • Bad Girls !!!!

    I love Bad Girls I love almost everything about it , I love the way there are two sides the cons and the screws its amazing.

    Im so glad that Jim Fenner is dead , the adverts that ITV have released for the series seven finale are scarey , you can see Jim Fenner standing on the top floor of larkhall in the dark all corpse like and smiling its disturbing but thats what we like about Bad Girls.

    Bad Girls deals with murder , suicide , stitch ups , affairs and mob mentality its fantastic , it was really sad to see Yvonne Atkins go she kept that place in control but glad that a year later they have Pat Kerrigan to take her place as the good but not so good top dog , Fenner was a bastard for locking Yvonne down in that dungeon and last week he got what he deserved exactly a year from Yvonnes death although they couldnt possibley knew what day she died because she was in there for a while , Fenner deserved the haunting he got before Yvonne died while he was listening to her screams in the hanging cellar.

    I was shocked to hear that his killer was one of the Julies the tall one , I heard a rumour that the mystery behind his death would be resolved in a christmas special even though Julie\'s story should have put an end to all of the mystery. Julie included the melted ice in her version of events and when they first went into the hanging cellar one of the coroners or what ever stood on the ice unless it turns out that it wasnt actually ice or something , with this show only time will tell .

    I and many other fans enjoyed the cross over between Bad Girls and Footballers Wives when Tanya Turner went to Larkhall it would be good if other programme would send some of their charachters to Larkhall when they got arrested like Charity Tate from Emmerdale or Sally Webster from Coronation Street , oh the possibilitys a sewing machinest could do in a womens prison.

    Bad Girls is brilliant. At last Fenner gets his comeuppance after all that time he is been messing around and doing his dodgy deeds he is finally done in and gets killed in the old hanging cell where he left \"top dog\" Yvonne Atkins 2 die At last he has gone YIPEE.

    Bad girls is 1 of the most brilliant and most watched programs on tv and i hope people agree with me on that keep up the good work guys.
  • Hmmm...join the forum

    Ok, don\\\'t take my title at face value because I still watch and enjoy the show, its just plainly not *as* great as it used to be in the early days! But then, that\\\'s what money and fame can do.

    Anyway, I am writing today not as a review but to convince anyone who may have popped along and looked up any reviews to \\\"come join the Larkhall Sisterhood!\\\" (it\\\'s not fair we can\\\'t use upper-case :( ) Don\\\'t worry if you\\\'re male either, we already have a nice lad signed-up :P (and yes, I took this idea from your own blog - thanks)

    Anyway, if you are happening to read this, come say hi on the forum, join us in your love of Bad Girls and come comment on all the latest going-ons or previous seasons, we try and keep it running for your usage after all
  • So you want a detailed review on the best Womens Prison show the UK has to offer? Look no further!

    Bad Girls, set in fictional prison Larkhall, is one of the biggest TV shows around. Attracting more than 25% of the viewing public each week, has Shed Productions (the makers behind the show) produced a drama that can be continued for years to come?

    Some fans think the show has reached its prime - how can a show go further without it's two main characters Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) and Yvonne Atkins (Linda Henry) but can they be proved wrong? Recently a new series, series 8, has been given the go ahead by ITV1 and this will be the first series without both characters. The writers will have to produce some fantastic storylines if they want to continue to pull in the audiences for a long time to come. After all, have all the storylines dried up?

    In Bad Girls we've seen people in prison for all kinds of crime: Murder, Arson, GBH, Theft, Fraud and more. The officers that look after them aren't much better. There is an ex junkie, a murderer, a stalker, a bigoted old cow and a gay boss who jumps in to bed with his staff. So you can safely say that Bad Girls has a wide variety of characters that pulls the viewers back week after week.

    Bad Girls is finally being screened in the USA. Brian Park, boss of Shed Productions has agreed a contract which means that Series 1 (featuring Debra Stephenson playing psycho Shell Dockley and Alicya Eyo playing arsonist Denny Blood) can be shown in the States. Not only that it seems that Series 1 is now available for Region 1 DVD Players (USA/Canada) so Bad Girls is well and truly here to stay!
  • What Is Bad Girls and What Makes It So Effective? And will the USA version be any cop?

    Without a doubt, Bad Girls has been a well-viewed, contreversial, award-winning and addictive UK Drama. And when a British show is broadcasted as far away as Australia, Brazil, Iran, New Zealand and Canada to name a few. But WHY is it so popular.

    The Series debuted back in 1999, with 10 episodes, and after a slow start it became #1 in the time slot, to the point where the other networks wouldn't put a publisized program on at the same time, so non Bad Girls fans often got a choice of watching something on Wildlife or an old movie.

    Even the commedians laugh about it's success, for instance, "Phoenix Nights" comedian Peter Kay, on his show "Live at the top of the Tower" refers to networks not showing things because Bad Girls is on.

    There is currently a US version in development, but my personal guess is that it won't be very good. The one thing about Bad Girls that struck me as a "great drama" is the fact that it was Original. And on the DVDs themselves, it states
    "Bad Girls is the ORIGINAL, Award-Winning and Contreversial Drama". Looked what happened to Brit Comedy "The Office" when it was converted to Americana. A complete waste.

    Bad Girls, it's true, does not shy away from personal issues. And that's why it is so effective. The characters are addicitive, and as Series 7 is now half way through, we are waiting for Fenner to get his just deserts.
    Bad Girls: Unlocked
    Official Bad Girls Site
  • A program set in a womens prison.

    ITV nights will never be the same again! Bad girls has proved a storm currently running its 7th series!! There is constantly a mix of drama and humour as women come and go through the prison doors at HMP Larkhall. There is action, comedy and drama all rolled in to one show. There are also some fantastic characters:
    Natalie Buxton who likes to think herself as of "top dog"
    Darleen Cake who is like her apprentice
    The Julies who have opened up a salon!!
    Jim Fenner the wing governer who has no problems jumping into bed with people on the wing
    Sylvia Hollamby AKA Bodybag who is convinced she had a voodoo curse on her
    and how can you forget . ... .
    Bev and Phyl, the two slackers at work but they supply everyone on the wing.
    So as you can tell by the characters, Bad Girls covers all aspects of prison life all though it must not be as grim as real prison. It is a show not to be missed!
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