Bad Girls

ITV (ended 2006)


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  • a show documenting what life is like inside Larkhall Prison bringing plenty of drama, horrible experiences, even tragedy, but also surprisingly strong friendships and bonds, joy and comfort, helping hands, and even love.

    first of all i want to say i discoverd this show on the Logo channel probably towards the beginning of this past summer. i started watching it almost from the first episode and became hooked instantly. i even have looked into buying the dvd's so i can watch them all. however, since the show is not on dvd in region 2 format yet, i'd have to buy them from another country, which means i'd have to buy a multi region dvd player to watch them. anyway, i loved Helen. i think she's great, and a kind hearted person who obviously cares about the inmates, let alone winds up falling for one. i hated when her and Nikki Wade split up. however, they put this show on the Logo channel because of the homosexual subtext in it, but for this to be a lesbian based show, i find it a bit funny since i'm currently on season three, and so far the only lesbian couples i've really seen are Shell and Denny, Denny and Shaz, and Helen and Nikki...that's if you're not counting mad Tessa. personally, i also hate Jim Fenner. i wish something bad would happen to him and that he'd go away, he annoys me. i used to not like Shell. it comes and goes. she does stir up quite a bit of trouble and sometimes i think she needs her a** kicked, but she did start to grow on me, probably even moreso after she tried to kill Jim. Nikki is one of my favorites as well as Hellen. i think Miss Bess is cool too but i think she needs to open her eyes a bit more. Sylvia annoys me too because she always thinks she's all holier than thou and above any kind of power. she basically thinks she runs the place, and she's just mean. i didn't like Denny at first because she came off as a bada** bully, but that seemed to just go away after a few episodes. overall i think the show is a great look at what prison life might be like. obviously since it's British there are different things than what we would expect to see in America. for example, are prisoners really allowed to walk around as they please in there, and smoke and do whatever they want basically?