Bad Girls

Season 8 Episode 3

Series 8 - Episode 3

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2006 on ITV

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  • A good episode but I'm a tiny bit confused.

    Ok, overall I really did enjoy this episode. I thought that the writers did an excellent job in examining Angela's schizophrenia. When I heard that was the episode plan, I was a little wary of what we would end up with, but I must give the writers credit for that particular story-line. The woman who played Angela also seemed as good actress, which helped, of course. I can see that the overall season plot with Rowan Dunlop could prove quite interesting in giving an insight into the medical problems of various inmates and the inability of the prison system to properly deal with that. The only part of this story-line I didn't like was Rowan's sudden 'insight' when he got Angela to reveal the truth about her childhood trauma. In my opinion, that went a little too far - it would be better if that part hadn't happened as I just couldn't bring myself to believe he could work his theraputic magics so soon.

    The Emira Al Jahani plot was also ok this episode, although I will miss her now she's going. She seemed like quite a decent character, an inmate with brains, which can be better sometimes. I mostly enjoyed the bit where she talked to the Imam, as that was also written and acted nicely. I am a little confused about Donny though - I assumed he was just there for her, but apparently not... are we going to get lots of one-episode characters this season? All so that Donny can be put to some use? I guess they're running out of ongoing soapy story-lines, and are filling the gaps with situation work instead.

    Janine is really growing on me this season. I was never really that much of a fan before, but she's been given some more interesting story-lines and the chance to try and act more this season. I don't think she managed to pull off the drugged-up act, but everything else she copes with.

    I was also a bit confused as to why Natalie didn't have more long-lasting symtoms. Even if she managed to throw-up most of the drugs, she took a hell of a lot and I wouldn't have thought she was her usual made-up self in eight hours time...

    Again, I wish that 'what happened next' wouldn't show the exact ending to an episode...