Bad Girls

Season 8 Episode 3

Series 8 - Episode 3

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jul 27, 2006 on ITV



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    • Natalie: What she should be telling you Angela is that Kerrigan's a dyke. Unless you fancy a bit of that then I'd keep a watch on her wandering hands.
      Pat: You'd better watch they don't find your pissing neck, Buxton.

    • Lou: Do I have a drink problem? I've got a bloody boss problem that's for sure.

    • Angela: Didn't your mother teach you how to make your bed in the morning Beverley? A tidy bed shows a tidy mind.
      Bev: No, all a tidy bed shows Angela is a dull night.

    • Natalie: You're going to suffer for this Kerrigan.
      Pat: I'd concentrate on avoiding a piss-test if I were you, save the revenge for when you can stand up straight without getting the shakes.

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