Bad Girls

Season 1 Episode 4

The Victim

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 1999 on ITV

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  • Rachel decides to end it all when Shell and Denny's bullying begins to really takes it's toll on her, also after being rejected by Fenner and discovering her baby has been taken into care. She realises she has nothing left to live for.

    A very intense and emotional episode. The victim is the first bad girl episode to feature the death of an inmate. Rachel's suicide seems to be inniment from the beginning of the series, as each episode goes by her luck seems to wafer. I did feel that she made the biggest mistake in becoming over-freindly with Fenner, however you do feel pangs of sympathy for her character following the events of the episode. I think her death had come to soon in the season and would personally rather settle for her being transferred. I didn't like the fact that Rachel didn't tell Helen or Dominic about her illicit affair with Fenner or Shell's vicious bullying before she ended her life, she definately didn't have brains to handle situations

    Shell and Denny were truly evil, in this episode, they are my two most favourite characters, but Denny's involvement in Rachel's bullying was rather pathetic. Shell can easily cause pain to Rachel without needing Denny

    Zandra's sub-plot was reasonable, which involved her being taken to the clinic by Lorna and Dominic and escaping to ask her posh, stuckup boyfriend if her still loves her (fat chance) You also feel sympathy for Zandra with the situation she's in, it was earlier revealed that she took the fall for her boyfriend, all for this doomed relationship. Lara Cazalet who played Zandra did an excellent job in this episode, her character as well as Hollomby (Bodybag) always gets the funniest lines

    When Zandra returned Lorna decided to cover up her escape from the clinic to avoid risking her job, a stupid decision which would foreshadow Zandra blackmailing her

    Overall I thought this episode was very pivotol, and it is ashame to see Rachel's character go as she hardly had much development and deep down she didn't neccessarily deserve to die
  • Rachel's mother visits and tell her that she has placed Rachel's baby into foster care. Her mother also did not bring in a package of drugs that Rachel had pleaded with her to pick up from a contact of Shell's.

    Rachel's mother visits and tell her that she has placed Rachel's baby into foster care. Her mother also did not bring in a package of drugs that Rachel had pleaded with her to pick up from a contact of Shell's. Shell had pressured Rachel into making this request of her mother. Shell intensifies her harassment of Rachel. Rachel, fearing for her safety, totally trashes her private cell in hopes of ending up in solitary confinement. In light of the bad news that she has recently received regarding her baby, Helen decides on a less harsh punishment and places her on the first level in a shared room where she is continued to be harassed by Shell's lackey, Denny Blood. Meanwhile, Zandra reveals that she is pregnant and wants an abortion. Lorna and Dominic are the officers assigned to take her to the hospital for the procedure. Zandra convinces them to take off her cuffs while she waits. She manages to escape and leave the hospital right under their noses. She goes to her ex-fiance's house Robin, to tell him that she is pregnant. They argue and she returns to the hospital, much to the relief of Lorna and Dominic who have not yet alerted the prison of Zandra's escape in fear of being fired. The three of them agree to keep this incident a secret so that no one gets into any trouble. Zandra has decided she no longer wants an abortion. The next morning Zandra wakes up to find that Rachel has hung herself next to her bed.

    Well, I thought it was obvious that Rachel was going to kill herself, although I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'm not surprised though as they never really developed her character at all until this episode with her mom coming to tell her that she put her daughter into foster care. It was nice of Zandra to return to the hospital after running off. Rachel wasn't very smart about things. If you're going to end it all, you might as well squeal on anyone you can first. Well at least the show is picking up with the first death, even if it wasn't a murder. I do like how the show tends to end at night with the inmates shouting stuff out the windows before going to sleep. I hope this continues to happen in all future episodes.
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