Bad Girls

Season 1 Episode 1

Them and Us

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 01, 1999 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • Julie Johnston and Julie Saunders are called "the two Julies" by P.O. Jim Fenner. They were partners in crime before been arrested and imprisoned.

    • Out of the original cast, the only remaining actors at the end of the program's run are Victoria Alcock, Kika Mirylees and Helen Fraser.

    • The bright red lipstick many of the women wear, for instance, Nikki Wade, was not originally planned but ended up necessary against the glum cell colours.

  • Quotes

    • Shell: Deep down I've got a great big soft spot for you Rachel and I can't wait to gob it in your face.

    • Helen: You know he's got the minister coming now? We'll have more VIPs out front than Vivian Westwood.

    • Helen: Look. I know that you've got a problem with me, Jim.
      Jim: Problem?
      Helen: It's things I can't do anything about. My age, my background, the fact that I'm a woman. Look, I just want to come in to work and get on with it. And I don't expect you to agree with me on everything. But if you've got a problem with a decision that I've made, then tell me to my face. That way I can trust you. Don't go sneaking behind my back.

    • Nikki: No, let me say it for her. Well, what she's telling us is we're none of us safe in here, isn't she? 'Cause even if we're bleeding to death, we don't get believed. Well, I'm telling her from us: You lot can't run this prison unless we help you. And if we don't get respect from you screws, then don't think we're gonna make you look good in front of your VIP visitors, 'cause we're not. So you can shove your stupid fashion show up your ass.

    • Jim: (Referring to Helen) Best leave off the "ma'am" in the future, though. She doesn't appreciate it.
      Sylvia: Doesn't mind playing it, though, does she?

    • Jim: Don't you think we should just sit tight until feelings die down a bit?
      Helen: No, I don't. I think we should be seen to care right now.

    • Sylvia: Now move. Or I'm putting you on report.
      Nikki: You'd gas us in our cells if they told you to, wouldn't you?
      Shell: Missed your goodnight kiss, did you? What a shame.
      Nikki: Don't hurt your brain, Dockley.

    • Julie S: Who are we?
      Julie J: We're the two Julies.
      Julie S: And who can come between us?
      Julie J: Nobody and nothing ever.

  • Notes

    • In the UK there are currently 14 women's prisons. The number of women's prisons is significantly less than those for men as women are statistically less likely to offend. However, the number of women being convicted is increasing significantly and many women's prisons are now quite over-crowded.

    • The working title for "Bad Girls" preceding the airing of series 1 was "Jailbirds". The title of the show was changed after a successful BBC documentary series about women in prison used the title "Jailbirds" a few months before the series was first aired.

    • The interior shots of the prison are shot in a studio and the exterior, such a the prison gates, is provided by shots of a real prison. After the success of the first series, a prison set was built to film the show, which can later be seen featuring in other dramas, such as Messiah III.

    • This is the pilot episode of 'Bad Girls'.

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