Baggage Battles

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Apr 11, 2012 In Season


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  • baggage battles breakout your deal faces

    Billy is a great personality. The show is better every week!
  • Do something else with your time other than spend it watching this show!!!

    I believe this show makes fraudulent claimes. I watched one episode where the older husband and wife team purchased a guitar, sight unseen. The expert that they took it to claimed that it would be easily worth of $1000. After doing a quick ebay search, the average price was approximately anywhere between $100 and $150!!! The reason they said it was over $1000 is because the couple paid at auction $250 and it looks better for the show if each couple win. I believe it's not the only show where they make rediculous claims regarding how much money they "would" make after selling something they'd found. REALLY what they should do is show how much was made after the item was ACTUALLY sold, not pulling figures out of thin air!!

  • Horrible show and horrible people!

    This show is absolutely awful I think that storage type shows have been thrashed to death! The only peron on any of these shows that is semi likeable is Barry from storage wars!

    Dont the producers relize that there has to be someone on the show that is watchable and some what likeable but every single person on Baggage battles is annoying!

    The old woman who lives in a shoe is boring and I couldnt care less what she buys along with her partner who is even more annoying! Dressing like an idiot does not make you likeable!

    The jersey shore wanna be who is rough as guts and thinks he is the cool dude comes actoss as an uneducated moron! The old man with the old fashioned get up seems like a creepy old man that would sell his mother!

    Long story short, I cant even stand watching the adds for the show because i get annoyed and aggravated just thinking how bad the show is and cant understand how this show ever got to air!