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  • Very racist

    This show is really ridiculous, makes black people look so bad. Why are there no white people being shown stealing cars? This is a very unfair depiction of black people. And also why bait people to give them a felony where now they can't vote nor get a decent job. Especially black men they already have it hard enough not to mention how they are being gun down by the police already. This show need to be taken off the air. How about showing black people in a positive light. Sad really sad.

    This show has been allowed to remain on the air because it makes white people feel afraid and safe at the same time. It confirms that Blacks and Mexicans are the only ones stealing the "good and decent" peoples cars. At the same time it proves that laughing white cops have the malignant "other" threat well in hand.

    Best of all, it conveniently ignores the brick-in-the-face fact that most cars stolen are stolen by white men!
  • Black cops need to go in the white neighborhood. wonder how would they like that?

    they stay in poor neighborhood and where black people is at. they even got the black police train to catch nothing but black. when in "REALITY" they know if they put one in a rich person hood or white hood or Mexican somebody is going to take it. so why are they just picking on one hood. this show is Stupid even the black cops are "STUPID" for letting them target one I live our black "COPs don't go for that shit lol it ain't going to happen.
  • Very Prejudice!!!!

    It's set to get strikes on blacks criminal records, therefore keeping them in low-income living and away from higher paying careers. Put a BMW or 4- Wheel Drive Pickup in the White neighborhoods where they hangout and see if they leave them there.
  • bait car

    Joanne it was the SAME SHIT over and over again!!
  • bait car

    I loved bait car. it was the best show on this channel. why is it no longer on tv? it was 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.
  • Not Very Fair

    Leave a nice car in a poor part of town with its door open and engine running - it doesn't take a rocket appliance to successfully guess what's going to happen next.

    Seems to me the cops are unfairly preying on the poor as they always have and will continue to do.
  • It's not racism if it's true

    Just goes to show one of the races are very stupid. Simple rule Jamal, and Shaniqua, if it isn't yours, leave it alone.
  • Boring and very repetitive

    TruTV must have been desperate for a new show, and they end up getting one of the most repetitive shows ever aired. Bait Car is about police in Los Angeles setting up traps for car thieves in an attempt to catch car thieves. To catch them the police use a bait car that lures in car thieves, uses a video tape to record the theft, and shut it down to catch the thief(s). There is nothing more to this show other than what I have said what this show is about. It's seriously police deploying the bait car, thief or thieves see it and take it, police follow it, and police shut it down, thief or thieves get caught, and repeat for 30 minutes. That is seriously all there is to the show. I have only seen ONE episode where a person called in about the car, and told the police that a pair of keys in the car. Also if there are car thieves watching this, I am sure some of them will learn to not go for the cars with keys in the car, and instead learn to hot wire a vehicle, and steal a car then, so it's pointless. This is such a stupid show, and is repetitive beyond belief. Avoid at all costs.