Bait Car

truTV (ended 2012)


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  • Boring and very repetitive

    TruTV must have been desperate for a new show, and they end up getting one of the most repetitive shows ever aired. Bait Car is about police in Los Angeles setting up traps for car thieves in an attempt to catch car thieves. To catch them the police use a bait car that lures in car thieves, uses a video tape to record the theft, and shut it down to catch the thief(s). There is nothing more to this show other than what I have said what this show is about. It's seriously police deploying the bait car, thief or thieves see it and take it, police follow it, and police shut it down, thief or thieves get caught, and repeat for 30 minutes. That is seriously all there is to the show. I have only seen ONE episode where a person called in about the car, and told the police that a pair of keys in the car. Also if there are car thieves watching this, I am sure some of them will learn to not go for the cars with keys in the car, and instead learn to hot wire a vehicle, and steal a car then, so it's pointless. This is such a stupid show, and is repetitive beyond belief. Avoid at all costs.