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Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

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Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts is an animated fantasy TV series based on a Japanese young adult novel written by Kenji Inoue of the same name that follows Akihisa Yoshii, the ultimate “baka” or idiot, as he attends the Fumizuki Academy, a school where academic scores mean everything – from placements in their classes to the type of amenities their classrooms have to offer. Class A is the best of the best with the highest-scoring students and the best items, such as air conditioners, huge spaces, and want for nothing, while the Class F has the lowest of the low and the worst facilities, such as upturned cardboard boxes as desks. When exceptionally intelligent Mizuki Himeji is too sick to finish her test, she is sent to Class F, though she should have ranked as first in the school. In a bid to win her attention, Akihisa pushes for a Summoned Being War, an academic and real war utilizing the school’s unique fact the students can call forth Summoned Beings, avatars whose power and skills vary based on the academic strength and knowledge of its caller. Just how can Akihisa, Mizuki, and their fellow Fs, cool but intelligent Yuji Sakamoto, feminine Kinoshita Hideyoshi, perverted Tsuchiya Kouta, and tomboyish Shimada Minami, compete against the prodigal As?moreless

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AIRED ON 9/29/2011

Season 2 : Episode 13


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Anime, Teen