Season 1 Episode 4

Mayoi Snail - Part 2

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jul 24, 2009 on Fuji Television
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Araragi and Senjougahara continue to help Hachikuji, but they soon realize that they are unable to reach their destination no matter how hard they try. Having consulted Oshino they discover that a 'lost cow' is responsible and Araragi decides to help Hachikuji overcome her problem.

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    Chiwa Saito

    Chiwa Saito

    Hitagi Senjougahara

    Recurring Role

    Emiri Katou

    Emiri Katou

    Mayoi Hachikuji

    Recurring Role

    Takahiro Sakurai

    Takahiro Sakurai

    Meme Oshino

    Recurring Role

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      • Senjōgahara: The house I lived in was right here.
        Araragi: "House..?" That's a street.
        Senjōgahara: Urban renewal, huh. And to think that it's been less than a year. We sold it, so I didn't really expect it to still be here. But it still leaves me feeling pretty blue.

      • Hachikuji: You're horrible! I'm telling the PTA on you!
        Araragi: The PTA?
        Hachikuji: The PTA is an amazing organization! Araragi-san, you're just an underage civilian with no authority! They'll lay you flat with a fingertip!
        Araragi: With just a fingertip? Sounds scary.

      • Senjōgahara: (on "PTA") ... It's also an abbreviation for the medical term "percutaneous transluminal angioplasty." I don't think that's what you need, so it must be "Parent Teacher Association."
        Araragi: You know everything, don't you, Senjōgahara?
        Senjōgahara: It only seems that way because you're so unlearned and incapable.

      • Araragi: But you're lost, aren't you?
        Hachikuji: So what?
        Araragi: Well, uh, Hachikuji... For future reference, it's best to ask someone for help when that happens.
        Hachikuji: Maybe I'd do that if I was like you and didn't believe in myself. You can ask people for things until you feel satisfied, but I feel no need to do that. For me, this is just like using an everyday vending machine!

      • Araragi: (thinking) I can't treat Hachikuji like she's just a stupid kid. Man, what do I do? (speaking to Hachikuji) Young lady, I'll give you an allowance.
        Hachikuji: Yahoo! I'll tell you anything!
        Araragi: (thinking) She's just a stupid kid.

      • Hachikuji: Touring has to be on a motorcycle. What a pity.
        Araragi: School rules say that I can't get a license. Anyway, motorcycles are pretty dangerous. I'd rather have a car.
        Hachikuji: Really? But if you do it that way you'd be "four"ing.

      • Hachikuji: Speaking of which, Arararagi-san...
        Araragi: That's one too many!
        Hachikuji: Sorry, I stuttered.
        Araragi: Stop stuttering and making things sound bad.
        Hachikuji: I can't help it! Everyone stutters. Or have you never stuttered in your life?
        Araragi: I can't say I haven't, but I almost never do it with people's names.

      • Araragi: Why are you so scared of Senjōgahara?
        Hachikuji: I feel like she hates me. It feels like she thinks I'm in the way and she wants me to disappear.
        Araragi: I don't really think it's that extreme. Hey, Senjōgahara.
        Senjōgahara: What?
        Araragi: Do you hate kids?
        Senjōgahara: I hate them; I loathe them; I'd like it if they all died.

      • Araragi: Wait, huh? Senjōgahara, isn't that line a little different from before?
        Senjōgahara: Huh, I guess.
        Araragi: What's up with that? Oh, that's right. You mentioned urban renewal. Maybe it's because of that?
        Senjōgahara: No, that's not it. It's not like the old roads are completely gone.

      • Hachikuji: I guess it's impossible, because we can't get there no matter how many times we try.
        Araragi: Hachikuji?
        Hachikuji: I'll never find my way there. I'll never make it to where mommy is, because I'm a lost snail.

      • Araragi: Do you know where it is? Maybe I should go.
        Senjōgahara: It doesn't make me happy that you're worried about my memory being as poor as yours. If anything, it's enough to make me sad.

      • Hachikuji: ... And even if I call her "mommy," it's sad because she's not mommy anymore. "Tsunade" was my last name until third grade. When daddy took me, I changed it to "Hachikuji."

      • Araragi: No, it's nothing to laugh at. From the second time on, victory is just hollow.

      • Hanekawa: You look scary, Araragi-kun.
        Araragi: Hanekawa?
        Hanekawa: Now you look surprised. Well, I guess that's an improvement.

      • Hanekawa: Of course you shouldn't get violent. And if you're going to spank a child, you need to tell them why so they understand.
        Araragi: Talking to you is really like studying.

      • Hanekawa: You were asking me a lot about Senjouagahara before, weren't you? So that's it! That's how it works!
        Araragi: Man, you can fantasize about those things even better than yaoi fangirls.
        Hanekawa: Yaoi? What's that?
        Araragi: It stands for "no climax, no conclusion, deep meaning."
        Hanekawa: That sounds like a lie. I'll check it out later.

      • Araragi: There's something even you don't know?
        Hanekawa: Didn't I tell you? I only know what I know. Anything else, not at all.

      • Araragi: Sunday, May 14th at 14:15:30--the moment I got Senjōgahara's phone number.

      • Oshino: ... And I don't admire you for sending a girl your age alone to the place where a weird guy lives.
        Araragi: But you're not gonna do anything, are you?
        Oshino: I'm happy you trust me that much, but she doesn't. (screams) I won't do anything at all! Put down the stapler, Tsundere-chan!

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