Season 1 Episode 9

Nadeko Snake - Part 1

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Sep 04, 2009 on Fuji Television
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Whilst visiting a shrine on an errand for Oshino Araragi and Kanbaru find several dismembered snakes and catch a glimpse of a girl named Nadeko Sengoku. When he sees Nadeko again at a local bookstore he realises that she is an old friend of his sister. He also realises that she might be in trouble and sets about trying to help.moreless

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    Chiwa Saito

    Chiwa Saito

    Hitagi Senjougahara

    Recurring Role

    Kana Hanazawa

    Kana Hanazawa

    Nadeko Sengoku

    Recurring Role

    Miyuki Sawashiro

    Miyuki Sawashiro

    Suruga Kanbaru

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The book Hanekawa is flipping through shows an extract from the preface of the book 大學章句(Da Xue Zhang Ju) by 朱熹(Zhu Xi), one of the most important peices of classic Chinese literature.

      • The book Hanekawa is flipping through is in Chinese, and every page is identical.

      • Oshino assigns Araragi the task of placing an ofuda on an altar. Ofudas, also known as "gofu," "shinpu," or simply "talismans," are strips of paper, wood, cloth, or metal with the name of a god or the shrine's name itself, on it. They are typically placed on shrines as a sort of blessing, similar to crosses in other religions.

    • QUOTES (24)

      • Kanbaru: I didn't expect to run into anyone up here, especially not a girl that cute.

      • Kanbaru: I know I asked you about it yesterday, but just what are you doing up here?
        Araragi: Oshino gave me a job. It seems that there's an abandoned shrine up here. He wanted me to stick an ofuda on its altar.
        Kanbaru: Can't he do it himself? He's got plenty of free time.
        Araragi: Well, it's my job to do it. He helped me out, so I owe him.

      • Araragi: (about Oshino) He is a specialist. He doesn't just lend a hand for free.

      • Kanbaru: (on Senjōgahara's orders) She told me to try my hardest to act cute. Oh and she told me this: "If Araragi-kun gives you any trouble, give me all the details. I'll let you pick which is worse for him: being buried in the mountains or sunk beneath the sea."
        Araragi: She'll let you pick the worse one?!

      • Araragi: I've been thinking about the type of party to have. It's our first time, so I figured something lively would be nice. Perhaps we should invite all our friends and have a small birthday party.
        Kanbaru: No, I think Senjōgahara-senpai wants to spend it alone with you.
        Araragi: She's that fine of a woman?

      • Araragi: How's your left arm doing?
        Kanbaru: According to Oshino-san, it'll heal by the time I'm twenty.
        Araragi: That's great. When you turn twenty, you can play basketball again.
        Kanbaru: I guess.

      • Kanbaru: When I'm feeling down, I normally cheer right up when my tummy's full.

      • Araragi: (thinking) I feel like I've met that girl somewhere before. But where would I have met a middle-school girl? Through my sisters?

      • Hanekawa: I'm surprised you asked me to help you pick reference books.
        Araragi: I figured it was about time to focus on my future.
        Hanekawa: Your future?
        Araragi: Lately, I've been talking about it with Senjōgahara.

      • Hanekawa: So you're aiming for the same university as her?
        Araragi: Don't tell her yet. I don't want her to get any weird ideas.

      • Hanekawa: What happened after you found that chopped-up snake there?
        Araragi: Oh, that? Kanbaru and I dug a hole and buried it, just in case. But when we took a look around, we found that the whole place was full of snake corpses.

      • Hanekawa: Should you be getting that friendly with your girlfriend's junior? It's nice to get along, but walking hand-in-hand is pushing it.
        Araragi: I had to. She's touchy-feely.

      • Hanekawa: You're pretty waffly, Araragi-kun. You're kind to everyone, aren't you? That has to be kind of disturbing to Senjōgahara-san.

      • Hanekawa: If she's that dear to you, you've got to resist your temptations, too.

      • Hanekawa: I figured I'll take a couple years off and see the world. I've got plenty of knowledge – I think I should get some real-life experience, too. Don't tell the teachers yet, okay. If you do, they'll be shocked.
        Araragi: I think they'll be more than just shocked.

      • Araragi: It's tough to go up to an old acquaintance and say hi. She might not remember me, so it'll seem like a creepy pickup line. The self-defense instincts of an adolescent girl are pretty fearsome.
        Kanbaru: You sound like you know that from experience.

      • Sengoku: I don't have many friends, but Bara-chan plays with me. When Bara-chan asked me to play, I was really happy. Bara-chan has an older brother in sixth grade. Her big brother's name is Koyomi.

      • Sengoku: This room's changed.
        Araragi : Yeah, it's set up for a single person now. My sisters are in the same room as before. I think they'll be home soon. Want to see them?
        (Sengoku shakes her head)

      • Kanbaru: This is the first time I've been in a boy's room. Alright, time to look for the porno mags!
        Araragi: That kind of thing only happens when a guy goes over to another guy's place!

      • Araragi: You're the live specimen of a harmful book! Either sit there, or jump out the window! Make a choice, Kanbaru!
        Kanbaru: (laughs) I figured out your fetishes when I was stalking you before. I know exactly what kind of porn you've been buying lately.
        Araragi: What?! No way! There was no one at all in the store back then! I made sure of it!
        Kanbaru: ... You've got pretty pervy kinks!
        Araragi: You've made your choice. Out the window with you!

      • Kanbaru : It's only natural for a lady to have this kind of interest.
        Araragi: No, it's just like a pervert.

      • Kanbaru : (inspecting Sengoku) They look like scars from bondage.
        Araragi: (thinking) There are scale marks. A fish? No, these are reptilian... a snake!

      • Sengoku: I... I hate my body! I hate it! Please save me, Koyomi Onii-chan!

      • Nadeko: You're all grown up, so you won't feel dirty looking at my body, right?
        Araragi: Of course! Right, Kanbaru?
        Kanbaru: You're forgetting something, Araragi-senpai. In a situation like this, it's even ruder to tell a girl you're not interested in her body at all.
        Araragi: I see. Let me correct myself. I feel a little bit dirty looking at your body.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Araragi compares Kanbaru's use of food for comfort to that of a manga character. Over time, many manga protagonists refer to food as a sort of "pick-me-up" to either recover mentally, physically or both. Notable recent characters would be Goku from Dragon Ball, Luffy from One Piece and even Naruto from Naruto on occasion. A close Western example would be Popeye from the self-titled series Popeye.